Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love glass noodles but I've never had Korean glass noodles before. I don't really fancy Korean food except for Kimchi (a traditional Korean dish consisting of fermented chili peppers and vegetables, usually based on cabbage) and Gimbop (Korean-style sushi roll).

So, yesterday, I had this Korean speciality dish at home.

Korean Vermicelli. These long, chewy noodles are made from sweet potato starch.

Gochujang (hot pepper paste), a savory and pungent fermented Korean condiment.

I'm not sure about the recipe though coz I'm not smart enough to make this dish. But, I can ask the chef anytime.

The noodles are gray when raw and turn almost translucent when cooked (thus given its popular nickname, glass noodles). It's incredibly chewy and surprisingly delicious!


Anonymous said... @ 25/6/08 3:51 AM

it looks yummy! i asked the mom of my son's korean classmate to teach me how to make chap chae and bulgogi.


Monica said... @ 25/6/08 6:20 AM

oh, you love beef! ;-)

Nick Phillips said... @ 25/6/08 4:13 PM

The paste looks kinda scary la ... LOL! But the noodles look pretty good.

Unknown said... @ 25/6/08 4:31 PM

Yummy Yummy! Looks tasty to me!
If you know how to cook it, don't forget to invite me over to have a taste..
ahaha :) am I day dreaming? mmm...

Ratu Syura said... @ 25/6/08 5:43 PM

Looks super yummy laa!! I love the fried glass noodles at Hartamas Sq. So sedap!! :P

Monica said... @ 25/6/08 6:20 PM

hahaha..a bit scary indeed! :-D

Sure! I'll give you a call ;-)

Ratu Syura,
I haven't try the glass noodles at Hartamas Sq. yet but I'd love to since you said sedap!! ;-)

Agnes CF Lee said... @ 26/6/08 11:47 PM

The noodles look yummy. I should get some of the grass noodles from the Korean Supermarket next time. but only know how to cook it with my chinese cooking style.

Monica said... @ 27/6/08 12:15 AM

Yes, it's very delicious ;-) Thanks for dropping by too...

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