Sunday, June 29, 2008

About 5p.m, I was starving.

So we went to Lan Kwai Fong Café at The Curve today.

Iced ying yong/coffee mixed with tea (RM4.50++) and Iced lemon tea (RM4.50++).

Five spiced pork cube noodle (RM10.30++).

Tempting? Yes. Tasty? No!

This was the WORST dried noodle I've ever had! I'm not very fussy when it comes to food but it was EXTREMELY salty and I gave up on it after a few bites.

har gau/shrimp dumpling (RM4.70++).

siew mai/dumplings with pork (RM4.70++).


The dim sum here were cold and not fresh at all!!!


molly said... @ 30/6/08 7:33 AM

Is really hard to find a plate of nice Wan Ton Noodle nowaday. But near my house there's one nice one. Not only the noodle is nice, he sauce is home made chicken feet cook with mushroom. My children only eat in that store when it come to WanTan Noodle.

Anonymous said... @ 30/6/08 11:55 AM

Actually this Lan Kwai Cafe sucks... I been there once with my girlfriend. The food was below average and the price wasn't cheap too. What you see from outside is very different with the inside, and when I dined there, I felt I've been cheated. No offense but the restaurant must improve themselves. Else, nobody will be dining there soon.

Monica said... @ 30/6/08 6:29 PM

now you make me want to go there for the noodle! hahaha..

True! Those pictures of the food in their menu made me drool but it turned out...*sigh*

clockworkchico said... @ 30/6/08 7:01 PM

this makes me crave for some MSG action :)

Unknown said... @ 30/6/08 11:00 PM

Hey, Thanks for sharing! Went to Ikea Yesterday. Have no time go The Curve, lucky me? Haha :)
We were having lunch at Teppanyaki Ikano, It's good & really did satisfy my hungry stomach.

Monica said... @ 1/7/08 12:16 AM

huh?! LOL.

aha, you were in Ikea. yes, luckily you didn't go to LKFC! :-D

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