Friday, June 13, 2008

When fuel price increase,

the good old days are gone...


molly said... @ 13/6/08 11:17 PM

Hi Monica, You are horrible, just make me laugh and now you are making me cry ...

Nick Phillips said... @ 14/6/08 12:54 AM

Yes, the good old days are definitely a thing of the past. Soon we'll be needing bank loans just to fill our tanks!

Happy weekend to you Monica.

Anonymous said... @ 14/6/08 1:19 AM

A 41% price hike is still relatively cheap as compared to prices in singapore. Here the prices can increase twice in a week. Surprised that the mass go to the streets to protest in m'sia. Sadly people here do nothing and accept govt power :(

Monica said... @ 14/6/08 6:16 AM

opps! hahaha...

The gas tank is like a money vacuum! :-D
Enjoy your weekend too Nick!

The question is, how could M'sia, as a net petroleum exporter, was experiencing a negative impact from a spike in global oil prices?
Btw, there'll be another rally of 1 million people in KL on July 5.

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