Thursday, June 05, 2008

An online beauty contest is searching for people from all over the world to be the next model working in top fashion market cities such as Paris, New York or Milan. I knew plenty of people are craving this attention.

To all easy on the eyes girls (14-19), women (19+), boys (14-19), and men (19+) out there, if you have that phenomenal look some agency is after, what are you waiting for? Send in the best picture of showing your ability as a model and stand a chance to win $10000 or to be spotted by an agency for a career in modeling. After all, this is about the best way to get noticed in the world we live in.

All I can say is, Good Luck!!!


MisterZyl said... @ 6/6/08 10:36 AM

Erm, so don't you consider to be one of the model? :)

Monica said... @ 6/6/08 4:19 PM


MisterZyl said... @ 6/6/08 8:44 PM

:) Never? Maybe you still can take it into consideration. You might become very famous..

Monica said... @ 7/6/08 12:44 AM

Faizal, thanks!!! or I should say, I'm too old for that..LOL

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