Monday, June 30, 2008

We all know that mothers work hard. But mommy bloggers work hard, and run blogs. I am having so much fun exploring the world of mommy blogs and there are a few reasons why I like to read mommy blogs. Some of these amazing women I have met share their stories of motherhood and how their experiences in motherhood affect the many various aspects of their lives. When they have down time, they are online as blogging makes them more relaxed and perhaps one of their getaways. They write about mother-related matters, their thoughts on everything from trick-or-treating to women's shoes for a few different blogs. What makes them interesting is the way that blogging about motherhood seems to have become a part of motherhood itself. It is interesting to read how some WAHM (work at home moms) are managing their busy active lives between family and works.

As the web expanded, the number of mommy bloggers increased. These "mom-fluentials" have evolved into a savvy and a powerful group of women whom companies want to woo as they are actively engaged in product discussions. Some of their incomes do not come solely from blogging, but from a combination of blogging and full-time job.

Hey mamas, are you a mom who blogs? I know some of you are searching for some extra money to help pay for the basics without breaking the bank and be around your children at the same time. Well, SocialSpark is right around the corner. Sign up now! They love mommy bloggers and your search is over!!

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Unknown said... @ 30/6/08 11:14 PM

Yeah, looking forward to register, once I am qualify. At least 3 months blogging right? :)

Monica said... @ 1/7/08 12:07 AM

Ok, good luck!!! ;-)

Nick Phillips said... @ 1/7/08 3:06 PM

Actually I think one month of blogging should be enough to qualify to sign up with Social Spark, Lianny. Though I'm not 100% sure.

Monica said... @ 1/7/08 6:30 PM

oh, I thought must be 3 months?

Lianny, JOIN NOW!!! LOL

Mahmut said... @ 24/12/20 3:14 AM

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admin said... @ 3/1/21 1:45 AM

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