Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some delightful yet simple dishes from a Malay food stall in SS2.

Kam heong lala (clams). Slightly spicy.

Daging masak halia (Beef cooked with ginger).

Ayam masak paprik (chicken cooked in a spicy chili paste). Quite spicy.

Kailan ikan masin (stir fry vegetable with salted fish).

Ayam masak petai (chicken and stink beans cooked with chili sauce). Very, very spicy..

By the time I finished the food (yummy!!!), the table was full of tissue.

*running nose*
*screaming for cold water*

Tell me I am not the only one!


Ratu Syura said... @ 10/6/08 7:54 PM

LOL! You are definitely not the only one! Eating food with chili just has more oomph and I definitely don't mind the runny nose and sweat after that.. :P Okay, now I'm hungry. Wanna eat now! Bye!

Monica said... @ 11/6/08 9:21 AM

Ratu Syura,
I don't mind too if I'm eating at home...LOL

Nick Phillips said... @ 11/6/08 9:50 AM

I love kailan ikan masin. One of my favourite dishes :D

And I can't really take food that is too spicy la ... sure cry one ... LOL!

molly said... @ 11/6/08 9:58 AM

Hi Monica, You make me feel soooo hungry now !! Hey looks delicious ya, the petai, the lala... all my favorite foods are there....

Anonymous said... @ 11/6/08 1:25 PM

LOL... nice food over there... SS2 huh, why I didn't know that? I personally, won't choose spicy food but if it's delicious, why not.

Monica said... @ 11/6/08 6:00 PM

Cry? hahaha...

Petai is my favorite too!!!

It's in SS2 Mamak Square. Thanks for dropping by too ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 12/6/08 11:25 AM

What a Contradictory Headline!
Can't help taking another look at you :p

Singapore James Bond

Monica said... @ 12/6/08 4:34 PM

Singapore James Bond,
*wink* Thanks for dropping by!

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