Wednesday, June 04, 2008

After finished watching movie, Steven and wife came and joined us for dinner. We went to Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara because there are so many restaurants to choose from there. We drove around and we noticed a lot of coffee shops too in that area. When we came across a coffee shop called Neighbourhood Coffeeshop, we decided to give it a try! Here, you can find hawker food widely available.

Carrot-Watermelon juice. Very refreshing!

Prawn mee hun. See how "big" is the prawn...LOL

Char kway teow.

Chicken Satay. Satay without flabby chicken skin is still the best!

Grilled stingray.

Strawberry ice kacang.

Few hours later, we had Hokkien mee and Cantonese Fried yin yong at Restaurant Damansara (Uptown) Hokkien Mee for supper.

After dinner sleep sit a while, and after supper walk a mile.
~English Saying


MisterZyl said... @ 4/6/08 10:43 AM

:) another food stuff from Monica and makes me hungry even i just ate some "roti bakar".

Monica said... @ 4/6/08 1:03 PM

oh, I miss roti bakar :-D

Nick Phillips said... @ 4/6/08 4:40 PM

Oh no, more pictures of food. LOL! They look so good that I feel like having Char Kway Teow, satay and grilled stingray right now but unfortunately I'm sick at the moment and don't think I'll be able to taste the food ... hehehe ...

Monica said... @ 4/6/08 10:57 PM

Get well soon!!!

Ratu Syura said... @ 6/6/08 4:37 PM

Woww.. monica, you really can eat huh! I wish I had your metabolism! I better look for that Neighbourbood Coffeeshop the next time I'm around that area.. Food looks scrumptious esp the Char Kway Teow!

Monica said... @ 7/6/08 12:36 AM

Ratu Syura,
yeah I think I have a high metabolism... hehe..
The Char Kway Teow was not bad! ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 16/3/09 7:15 PM

=-O =-O =-O =-O

Anonymous said... @ 16/3/09 7:15 PM

Eh neighbourhood!!!!! Hello Mon I see u at neighbourhood ha haha!!! :* :* :* :*

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Anonymous said... @ 16/3/09 7:38 PM

:* :* Mariuca! hahahha...

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