Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nowadays, hip-hop has influence the society in various manners. The thing with rap music is that for many rappers, the lyrics are autobiographical. I personally think that, what they depict is the reality. Many people get caught up in the shocking lyrics and attempt to fix such problems but they should be attempting to fix the social problems spoken about in the songs!

What better way to make someone smile than singing the hip-hop lyrics of "I Like Big Butts" by Sir Mix-a-lot or some original hip-hop lyrics to express your feelings. Oddly, some of the most seemingly benign rap songs of today such as "Me So Horny" by 2 Live Crew, or other sexual songs by Slick Rick were considered menaces in their own time due to their colorful hip-hop rap lyrics. However, some of today's most cherished hip-hop lyrics also came from the 80s, thanks to Sugarhill Gang and Kid & Play, or Run DMC. is a site where you will get the most up to date hip-hop news, gossip, music, and anything related to the hip-hop scene, purely for entertainment purposes. Besides that, hip-hop fans will enjoy plenty of great benefits including meeting and making friends with other fans and becoming a part of one of the fastest growing hip hop communities to hit the net. Check out some of the no-holds-barred lyrics or rap videos and see for yourself. Hey, I warned you!


molly said... @ 25/6/08 9:37 AM

'Hip-hop back to life', good, I will do that!

MisterZyl said... @ 25/6/08 10:57 AM

I dont really into Hip Hop.. but I am listening to Eminem little bit.

Rozella said... @ 25/6/08 12:20 PM

I love 80's hip hop! Very very cool!

Btw, Award!!!

Ratu Syura said... @ 25/6/08 5:42 PM

Roz, 80's hip hop?? omg!! the only 80's hip hop i love is Run DMC. LOL! In the 80's, pop ruled!!

I think today's hip hop is way awesome! I might not be a huge fan but I sure prefer it to house when going clubbing! :P

Monica said... @ 25/6/08 6:14 PM

Good! hahaha...:-D

oh yes, he's the highest-selling rappers of all time!

Award? yay! yay! Thanks sweetie ;-)

Ratu Syura,
I agree. These songs were vehicles for people to dance, just as today's hip-hop is.

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