Friday, June 20, 2008

It was towards the end of October. One fine day, my friend Cynthia invited me for dinner at Dorsett Regency. We were nicely dressed that night and both of us planned to go clubbing after the dinner.

Just as we entered the hotel's coffee house, we are greeted by a vampire who stands in front of a tombstone, next to the entrance! OMG! I almost screamed out of my lungs! "What on earth is going on here?" I asked her. Before she could answer me, the vampire quickly showed us to our table as the party was going to start soon. "Party?.... What party?" I looked around the coffee house, I saw skeletons were hanging from the ceiling and Jack-o-lanterns peeked from every corner. The whole coffee house was covered with black plastic and glow in the dark webs with some creepy music. There were witches walking around as well.

She didn't tell me it was a Halloween party! Gosh! I didn't expect as it still has a week to go before the Halloween night. Otherwise, I would be wearing a Sexy Halloween Costume!

Maybe I should be wearing like a police officer to catch all the vampires

or becoming a playboy hipster witch to join those witches.

Dishes on the menu were given names like Bat Wings, Freaky Witches Fingers, Fried Spiders, Witches Brew, Pumpkin Punch, Witches Cauldron...The meals were gross yummy! While I was enjoying my dinner, all of a sudden, Zorro was standing next to me!

He was wearing a black shirt with attached belt, black pants, black boots, black eye mask and carried a fencing sword. *ahem* Probably he thought I was a Senorita. LOL. *just kidding* How could a Senorita not wearing a ruffled dress and a headpiece with a lace veil, right?

Now, I am wondering do I get a chance to wear a Halloween Costume for the coming Halloween party or Leg Avenue Costumes, anyone?


Unknown said... @ 20/6/08 11:05 AM

Hey, mind to introduce me what's Halowen party?

Rozella said... @ 20/6/08 7:39 PM

Girl your 1st few lines totally scared me lah! Hahaha I scrolled down only I knew what the post was about. :P

Monica said... @ 21/6/08 3:57 AM

Halloween is celebrated on the night of Oct 31 but it is not a holiday in M'sia. oh, it's like Ghost Festival in Chinese culture.


Ratu Syura said... @ 21/6/08 4:49 AM

My girlfriends and I were planning to go to a Halloween Party this year and wear some cool sexy constumes. I was thinking of a sexy pirate! LOL! Who knows.. we'll see.. :P

Monica said... @ 21/6/08 5:06 AM

Ratu Syura,
That sounds cool!!!
wow...a sexy pirate *wink* *wink*

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