Friday, June 27, 2008

All this while, I've been using streamyx and today I am having a problem with my line, again!! I don't download big files. I don't play online games. So I've no problem with the turtle-speed internet connection. I just couldn't connect to the internet and I really don't like to call them because there was this one time, when I called Streamyx, they asked me to call Telekom. When I called Telekom, they will say it's Streamyx fault.

I almost became crazy when I called up TM Nut Net. This agent asked me to reset my port. Ok fine. But the words that came out of her mouth were like bullets from a machine gun! I wish I could record down our conversation but I'm not sure how. So she asked me to restart my laptop after that. "If cannot connect, then call us back." After reset, restart or whatever, I still couldn't connect to the internet. I called again. Another agent picked up and I complaint to her about the previous Indian girl (No offence to other Indians!). Again, she asked me to reset my port. Eventually, I key in the wrong DNS number. Thanks to the Indian girl for her "good customer service". After reset, still the same; couldn't connect to the internet! She said my phone line has problem. "What problem? Since I don't have a physical phone at home, therefore I couldn't check from my side." Then she said she will send a technician over to my place within 48 hours. "I beg your pardon? 48 hours?! You better come and kill me now." I was so fed up and almost poured my coffee to my laptop! I admit. I can't live without the internet. Can you?

Luckily my friend helped me up by using his wireless connection. Then only I can sit down here and type this post. Now, I'm thinking of changing to another reliable service provider and cancel my Streamyx account. I had being paying too much for the bills! Has anyone tried Maxis broadband yet? or are there any other good ISP??


Anonymous said... @ 28/6/08 12:43 AM

i would say to you, continue with streamyx. i use maxis broadband myself and i would say that it's suckier than streamyx. You should use maxis IF you live IN a city and have a very good 3g/HSDPA coverage. If not, useless.


Anonymous said... @ 28/6/08 2:06 AM

Stay with Streamyx, though it sucks. We are in Malaysia.

Liz said... @ 28/6/08 3:36 AM

im using cable internet and so far i've had great connections.

have a wonderful weekend dear.

Monica said... @ 28/6/08 3:48 AM

Thanks for your advice.. :-)

Eng Lee,

Good to hear that. Enjoy your weekend too ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 28/6/08 3:58 AM

There could be many reasons why you can't get connections all of the sudden.
Some of the common probs are:
1)Recent upgrade of IE
2)Server performing maintenance
3)Accidentally delete of win. files

Some easy steps which may solve your prob are:
1) Delete cookies
2) Re-install IE (to the previous verson)

Sometimes the prob just automatically resolve in a few days.

If not, call the technical adviser to reset your account.

Good luck!

Nick Phillips said... @ 28/6/08 2:06 PM

Try Jaring. I've been using their wireless broadband and it's been a joy. And their customer service is pretty good too ...

Monica said... @ 28/6/08 10:55 PM

My line's ok now...yay! ;-)

really? Ok, I'm gonna find out more abt Jaring. Thanks!

Anonymous said... @ 2/7/08 2:37 PM


If it's a momentary drag, leave it alone la. i used to have blardy crappy connection, i changed 5 adapters and 2 modems. Still had issues until i got fed up and spoke to one the Scicom flers manager (scicom is the company employing all those indians u are tokking about!!) and told him that i know his big-big boss and i'll make some calls. Thereafter, they got the TM to send someone to my house with a meter of some kind to test my house phone lines. It proved to be faulty, changed immediately and till now not a single drop even if its connected for more than 48 hrs and even if its during a thunderstorm. U can try also la, but then again i agree with u that streamyx service... they are kinda fucked up=D


Monica said... @ 2/7/08 9:49 PM

Then in future, I'll tell them I know their big-big boss! LOL. Anyway, now my line is OK! :-D

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