Monday, June 23, 2008

Their signature dish, chilli pan mee (flat noodles) is one of my favorite food!

This is another branch of Super Kitchen Restaurant which is located at Kota Damansara. It was quite crowded during dinner time but that is expected for a place that serves nice food.

Dry pan mee.

Flavorful soup pan mee.

Both were appetizing and truly satisfying accompanied with the fiery chili sauce.

By the way, I've heard there's a restaurant that serves 15 styles of pan mee! However, I'm not sure of the location. Oh gosh, 15 styles?! I'll eat like there's no tomorrow. Anyone heard of such a place?


molly said... @ 23/6/08 11:56 AM

Hi Monica, Pan Mee, ha, that is my favourite.. I still like the original one with ikan bilis soup. There is one good one in SS19 but have to take queue number.

Unknown said... @ 23/6/08 5:47 PM

Hey, the picture you took looks good to me. My place also have a famos BanMee which it went on the TV8 'ho ciak ho ciak'. But compare the price is a little higher, and the Pan Mee is too little to fill up my husband... haha ^o^ However it is good!

Monica said... @ 23/6/08 11:29 PM

wow I guess the pan mee there must be yummy huh..

The pan mee at Super Kitchen Restaurant is also quite costly. RM6 each bowl!!!

Simon Seow said... @ 24/6/08 4:27 AM

You should also try their Drunken Chicken Mee Suah. Slurp, slurp.

Monica said... @ 24/6/08 9:05 AM

Ok, next round!! :-D

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