Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have been a happy recipient of these awards from the lovely bloggers, some time ago.

A big THANK YOU to:

Osindak for giving me these two awards,

Rozella for the Friendly Blogger Award

and the Xxtraordinary Blogger Award.

Molly, who has just given me a Daily Blogger Award recently.

Thank you for all the awards and I truly appreciate it!!!

Okay, I would like to share and pass it on to my dearest blogger friends

*drumroll please* LOL

Daily Blogger Award - Rozella, Faizal, Osindak

Xxtraordinary Blogger Award - Blusher, Anttyk

Friendly Blogger Award - Molly, Jacky, Nightwing, Simon, SJB

Fab Blog Award - Ratu Syura, U.Lee, Nick

You Are My Friend Award - For my Top Commenters U.Lee, Rozella, Nick, Nightwing, Simon, Jacky, Molly, Osindak, Ratu Syura, and Faizal. Thank you for your friendship and support.


Anonymous said... @ 18/6/08 5:58 AM

oh thank you monica for the lovely awards! *biggest hugs* I am so touched...

Nick Phillips said... @ 18/6/08 9:54 AM

Wow, 2 awards for me. Thanks Monica. I always love getting awards ... hehehe ...

Nightwing said... @ 18/6/08 9:58 AM

Hi there,

Congratulations on getting those awards..:) Good stuff.

Thank you for sharing it too..:)

Rozella said... @ 18/6/08 10:30 AM

Awww, that's so sweet dearie! Thank you, thank you! *hugs*

And yeah, Nick only likes awards so that he can use it as in betweens when he doesn't have any idea of what to post about! Hehehe :P Jahat he!

Unknown said... @ 18/6/08 11:56 AM

Thanks. Just wish to share experience.

molly said... @ 18/6/08 12:41 PM

Thanks for 2 more awards. Wow! I have in total 3 awards already, celebration!

MisterZyl said... @ 18/6/08 3:52 PM

Hi there monica.. big thanks from me to you for giving me those awards, really appreciate it, appreciate it so much.

thanks for being my blogger friend. God bless you. thanks again.

Ratu Syura said... @ 18/6/08 6:09 PM

thanks for the awards hun! you're simply the sweetest.. ;)

Lee said... @ 18/6/08 11:52 PM

Hi Monica, I thank you for your warm and generous gesture. With my utmost appreciation, thank you. Lee.

Simon Seow said... @ 19/6/08 1:00 AM

Thank you Monica.

anttyk said... @ 22/6/08 12:23 AM

Haha. Congrats!

And thanks. :)

Anonymous said... @ 13/9/08 11:56 AM

Hi dearie! Thanks for this. Didn't see it till today. Better late than never, eh?

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