Wednesday, July 02, 2008

After we finished watching Wanted, I wanted to eat doughnuts. I haven't had a donut since....don't remember when.

It was around 9.45 p.m. So, there was no long queue but apparently, only a few doughnuts left.


We bought a dozen for RM17.00.

A variety of lip smacking treats....I stared at them, trying to figure out which shall I try first. LOL.

I love it as they were so light, warm, delicious, less sweet and cheap. We ate them in less than 24 hours and wanted to go back who cares about calories!

Get your favorite kind, savor it and don't think twice!


Anonymous said... @ 2/7/08 11:26 AM

i was waiting for a long time, for the big apple branch to open at the waterfront in desa parkcity. when it finally did, my wife and i had loads of donuts for about a week... bought for ppl, ate many, even bought for the guards at our place.

if not for the calories, i could eat em all day. my current favourite- 101 dalmations... black sesame. yummy

Rozella said... @ 2/7/08 1:46 PM

Those donuts look real good. I wish I could have just one bite right now...

Btw, award again :)

Unknown said... @ 2/7/08 2:52 PM

Hey! Big Apple donuts!
I just have it last thursday!
I actually wanted to try all the flavours! So what I did was, cut all donuts to half and share with my hubby. So I won't get too full & get to taste all! Haha :)
Really Nice donuts...mmm...

Ratu Syura said... @ 2/7/08 4:12 PM

I haven't had donuts in a while. Not because of my diet but I think cuz I had one too many when Big Apple just opened its stores. :P My fave is the California Almond Donut. Yum!!

Monica said... @ 2/7/08 9:41 PM

wow, so nice of you to buy for the guards ;-)
101 dalmations? what a cute name.. hahaha..btw, thanks for dropping by!

award? THANKS dear! *muah*

I wish I could try ALL..hahaha..

Ratu Syura,
ok, next time I'll try California Almond Donut. In fact, I'm not sure with the donut's names :-D

Liz said... @ 4/7/08 2:58 AM

wow! i love donuts ;) pahingi naman hehe

Monica said... @ 4/7/08 3:05 AM


LadyJava said... @ 15/8/10 9:13 PM

OMG!!! I want them all too!! lol!!!

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