Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I had a long day around Bukit Bintang area last Friday. First, I went to Wisma Cosway to have lunch with Molly and Lianny at a cozy restaurant-cum-bar called Wagon. It was so nice to catch up with them after quite some time. Thanks Molly for buying us lunch! Then I went to Juicy Couture in Pavilion but didn't buy anything, obviously. Why? A tiered strapless dress cost more than RM1000.00! I like their handbags, though.

Around 3p.m., mybf came to KL and looked for me. He was craving for Western food. So we headed to U-Cafe which served only local cuisine previously at Sungei Wang Plaza.

A comfortable outdoor environment and we love watching the street scene while having our meal.

So cheap, eh? I wish they've "BUY 3 Free 2 non-alcohol beverages" for me.

He ordered 5 bottles of beer!

And I had hazelnut milk (RM5.90).

His Fire Flame Cajun Chicken Chop (RM18.90) marinated in 12 spices grilled with BBQ sauce.

While waiting for him to enjoy and finish his beer, I had another hot chocolate (RM6.90).

Total bill was about RM77.00.

After shopped for a while, my feet were so tired of walking with my high heels. So, I've a good reason to get myself another pair of flat sandals right?

Nose's casual flat sandals. Oh dear, it was so cheap! RM15.00 only and I can walk miles in them without feeling a thing!!

A few hours later, we went to Jalan Alor. It was so packed! We didn't want to go back to the stall that we usually go at Jalan Alor. We wanted to try different stall with different food.

These are nearby the durian stall.

Boiled cockles (RM5.00).

Fried beef kway teow (RM6.00). Very, very delicious!

Grilled stingray (RM14.00).

Whenever he comes here, he ended up having the same food; boiled cockles and grilled stingray.


Anonymous said... @ 22/7/08 6:24 PM

I will be in KL next week and i will be staying somewhere near to bukit bintang. I think i gonna try some of the food u recon hehe. Hope to know some frens there =))

Unknown said... @ 22/7/08 8:31 PM

i miss bukit bintang!!!
nice to meet u!!
put a chat box there..so people can leaving a msg for u...

Anonymous said... @ 22/7/08 9:06 PM

drooling over the fire flame cajun chicken, lol. and the stingray looks good too. i haven't tried it but seen them in the market. i think i'll have to buy and try cooking it.

Rozella said... @ 22/7/08 9:29 PM

I love ikan pari! So yummy!

Monica said... @ 22/7/08 10:01 PM

oh, Bukit Bintang has PLENTY of places to eat and don't miss out other fantastic stuff on sale too. I hope you have a wonderful holiday here ;-) Thanks for dropping by...

Pen@ng Dude,
Nice to "meet" you too!!! :-D
chat box? hmmm..I'll consider ;-) Thanks!

Try and I hope you like it.

hehe...btw, have you ever heard of anak derhaka disumpah menjadi ikan pari?

Nightwing said... @ 22/7/08 10:39 PM

Nice food!!!!

Ratu Syura said... @ 23/7/08 2:09 PM

Babe, you can really eat, huh? I guess we Sabahans were just born to eat! LOL! Btw, I like you gladiator-like sandals! Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishh!! :D

Nick Phillips said... @ 23/7/08 3:27 PM

I go down to KL almost every other day but its really been a long while since I've been to the Bukit Bintang area. And yeah, I agree with Syura, you can really eat, huh? LOL!

Monica said... @ 23/7/08 8:00 PM

Yes!!! :-D

Ratu Syura,
hahaha..I agree with you, we Sabahans were just born to eat!!!
hey dear I couldn't stop laughing when you said gladiator...LOL

ya I love food and love to eat. so I will never go on a diet :-D

Lee said... @ 25/7/08 12:16 AM

Hi Monica...wow, I sure missed those clams...and love your sandals.
I was last at Sungei Wang in 1987. Bet it has changed a lot.
I remember the parking was horrible! Lee.

Monica said... @ 25/7/08 5:36 AM

Yes, it has changed a lot!! and horrible traffic jam too :-D

Anonymous said... @ 25/7/08 5:05 PM

hey I think the last time I joined u guys for Alor food also Ralph ordered the same thing la=D
Anyway, the next time you see a place selling beers at a price that low remember to call me la...


Monica said... @ 25/7/08 10:56 PM

so when are you free??

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