Monday, July 07, 2008

GUESS is having a sale now!! I went to their retail store at The Curve and within 15 minutes, I came out with this handbag, GUESS Athena Mini Bowler.

It's big enough for all my little essentials - 2 wallets, 2 cellphones, lip gloss, digital camera, mini compact mirror, keys,...
Just so you know, it's only RM 184.95 (the original price was RM369.90)!

If you are as much of a GUESS handbags' lover as I am then you probably might want to check out those handbags at their retail store. Have fun shopping!


Nick Phillips said... @ 7/7/08 11:16 AM

RM189.00? That's my whole months pay check la ... LOL!

Simon Seow said... @ 7/7/08 12:25 PM

Hand bag? Any discount on jeans?

Anonymous said... @ 7/7/08 2:38 PM

nick, it's RM189 not RM1,890. Are your pay check seriously that low? lol. Anyway, I was glancing through what you wrote and I thought the bag comes with 2 cellphone, 2 lip gloss and digital camera for RM189. Then I was like really? Second hand or what then only I read the whole thing again. Too bad my girlfriend's birthday is far away from now, else I can buy her this bag since she didn't have a nice bag to hold.

Monica said... @ 7/7/08 3:07 PM

Your whole months pay check?? Are you sure??? :-D


LOL..that's why la. Nick must be kidding!!!

wah, if the bag comes with 2 cellphone, 2 lip gloss and digital camera for RM189, I also want but where to find? hahaha...anyway, you don't need a special occasion to buy something for your gf!!! ;-)

JAMJARSUPERSTAR said... @ 7/7/08 6:12 PM

We don't have very good sales. I wish we would. I'm a bit of a cheapskate so I like a good reduction, not just 10% off. But it looks like you've got a bargain..

Monica said... @ 8/7/08 4:15 PM

LOL. Indeed! Anyway, thanks for dropping by ;-)

Ratu Syura said... @ 8/7/08 6:48 PM

They have sale here in KK too!! I tried on the jeans and fell in love!! But so mahal la.. even after 30% discount, almost rm400!! ARghh!!

Rozella said... @ 9/7/08 8:26 AM

Hey! It's almost the same as my bag! Hehehe But I bought mine lama already and it's bigger lah. Maybe the mommy kua. Hehehe

Oh ya btw, I have a tag for you!

Monica said... @ 10/7/08 6:25 AM

Ratu Syura,
RM400?! I can't afford it la.. LOL

hahaha, the mommy.

Thanks for the tag dear. I love it!

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