Sunday, July 06, 2008

I kinda like this restaurant simply because the service was good and the food was definitely great!!

Also there was a live performance in the restaurant. It was awesome!!!

Cafe Latte Italiano (RM8.80).

Baked seafood rice w/iced lemon tea (RM15.80).

David was enjoying his meal.

Chef seafood & cheese sage pizza (RM23.80).

The singer came and chatted with us during his break time. A friendly man with a unique voice.

Banana chocolate cake (RM8.80) that I couldn't resist.

The total meal cost about RM93. Oh, plus two glasses of beer (RM12.00 each) too!


Nightwing said... @ 6/7/08 10:41 AM

Thanks for sharing this.

Am sure, even though it is pricy but if service, food and environment is good...won;t mind it at all.

U have a great week ahead now.

Monica said... @ 7/7/08 3:09 PM

no prob!!!

You too, take care & have a nice day! ;-)

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