Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lost down in a deep dark hole.
No one can find me not even my self.
I see a shimmer of light coming through.
I reach up and feel the warmth of it on my fingertips.
It's my hope, my faith.
I have a chance to live.
I have a chance to love myself once again.
I start to crawl, I crawl one foot then another and I fall.
I will not give up.
I will not put my self back down at the bottom of that deep dark hole.
I try again and again.
I am tired, lonely, confused, and angry.
But I see happiness where the light is.
I just have to find the power and strength to get there.
One of these days I will.
I will find my way.

It's a beautiful poem from Cat L. It describes exactly how I feel right now.....


Nick Phillips said... @ 30/7/08 5:54 PM

Whatever it is you're going through, I hope you overcome it soon. And in the meantime, cheer up. Things always have a way of working themselves out :D

Monica said... @ 31/7/08 3:49 AM

Everything is fine now! Thanks ;-)

Jaanvi said... @ 31/7/08 3:28 PM

Hi Monica
I hope you have been able to sail through whatever was bothering you...
I found ur blog pretty interesting.. :)

Monica said... @ 31/7/08 5:30 PM

Hello!! I'm ok now, thanks.
And, thanks for dropping by too!;-)

Unknown said... @ 1/8/08 8:48 AM

Cheer up girl!
Sometimes when you have things bothering you, don't hesitate to come out and yam cha with your friends!
Maybe you won't get an answer from them but you may find it out yourself :p
A happy mind can solve lots of problem!

Yam Cha? Haha! Call Me!

Monica said... @ 1/8/08 4:01 PM

Sure, I'll call you out one of these days ok...;-)

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