Saturday, July 26, 2008

I didn't pamper my hair ever since I chopped-off my ponytail. It's dry with some split ends and it's screaming for help. Apart from washing and conditioning, that's pretty much the only thing I do to my hair!

So, last Sunday mybf decided to pamper me my hair at a decent salon called Glamour hair studio and he was willing to sit there and wait for me until I get my hair fixed. He has also promised the hair stylist to bring me back after one month for another treatment!

That's the professional hair stylist (at the counter) who trimmed my all-one-length hair (I hated it) layered. I'm not sure about you but I preferred male hair stylists. I love the way he waved his scissors like a samurai through my hair!

After a good haircut plus, a good treatment using Schwarzkopf Professional hair care products, my hair is smooth and soft and smells wonderful! The jig is up but, bits flat like a pancake....LOL


Lee said... @ 26/7/08 8:32 PM

WoW! Monica! You look really sensational with the new hair style...elegant and classy...I have always liked women with long hair...
Old days my weakness was women in long hair wearing sarongs or cheong sums...
Bet your BF very pleased with your new exciting looks, huh?
Have fun, you sure look beautiful...Monica...Lee.

Unknown said... @ 27/7/08 4:19 PM

Hey, actually its a big step to take to cut off a long hair to short.
Before the training last year, I also did that! I was having short & High lighted hair, which before my hair was long & black :p

Monica said... @ 27/7/08 4:26 PM

LOL..Thanks for the compliment!hmmm, Monica in sarong to Toronto, how 'bout that? ;-)

but I like your short highlighted hair!!! :-D

Nightwing said... @ 27/7/08 10:12 PM

Ur hair looks great...:)

Am sure ur BF likes it too.

Nick Phillips said... @ 28/7/08 9:49 AM

My hair is in so bad shape that no amount of professional help is going to work ... LOL!

Monica said... @ 28/7/08 5:54 PM

Thanks ;-)

hahaha...are you sure?!

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