Friday, July 18, 2008

I considered myself is not an active Nuffnanger simply because I never attended their events so far (shame to be one of the Glitterati members). What about you? Anyway, Nuffnang never failed to come up with all sorts of good stuff especially those interesting and exciting events.

I believe every Nuffnangers had received this from Nuffnang.

Don't you love being a Nuffnanger!!? Do you like making money from your blog? Do you enjoy attending our events such as the Pajama Party, Wild 'Live' Blogging and Nuffnang Private Movie Screenings? Do you relish participating in our contests?

Keep your eyes and ears peeled, if you do, as there is definitely lots more in store!

In tandem with our philosophy of fun, we at Nuffnang are always trying to find ways to communicate and connect with our bloggers.

In addition to our blog and main site, Nuffnang proudly introduces its Facebook Fan Page here.

Show your love for Nuffnang by becoming a Fan of our Nuffnang Fan Page today and you'll be updated with various announcements and exclusive invitations for events in the future! I'm talking about invites to premieres of movies, events and even concerts!

Once you've joined, you can participate in our discussion forums to interact with other fans. You are also encouraged to upload photos of yourself or other Nuffnangers during any Nuffnang events at the Fan photo section. You'll also receive constant updates regarding Nuffnang through this fan page.

We intend to bring our bloggers from both Malaysia and Singapore much closer via this Fan Page. That being said, our aim is to have 20,000 Nuffnang Fans on our facebook site by end of this year.

Help us achieve this aim! If this figure is successfully achieved, Nuffnang will host 2 Massive Movie Screenings in Singapore and Malaysia simultaneously to celebrate the achievement of bloggers in both countries.

So hurry up and join our Fan Page today. Login to your Facebook account and click here to see our Page. Join our Facebook page today!

Best regards,
Robb Chew
Blogger Liason Executive

Talking about Facebook, *sigh* I've a facebook account but I'm not very active on Facebook either! I didn't reply all the messages and I missed a yum cha session with some friends due to I didn't even log in to FB since few weeks ago. Terrible me! Okay, now I'm going to reply every message. And, to approve all the requests:

except this, of course.


Nick Phillips said... @ 18/7/08 10:28 AM

I am probably the only person in this world who doesn't have a facebook account ... LOL!

Happy weekend to you, Monica.

Monica said... @ 20/7/08 5:17 AM

No, not only you. mybf too!!! hahaha...

Enjoy your weekend ;-)

Unknown said... @ 22/7/08 10:51 AM

I didn't have one, till my boss made it compulsory for me to have one. T_T

Monica said... @ 22/7/08 10:15 PM

LOL. so you were forced to have one :-D

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