Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mybf has a whole week off but he'll be very busy over the next few weeks. So, I've been quite busy stuffing myself and eating out spending time with him that I couldn't write much. Unless if he is watching DVDs, then only I have time to do a bit of blog hopping.

Anyway, we went to Old Taste Cafe, again. Remember I said I will return for their Orange white coffee?

Here it comes...

Orange white coffee (RM3.80). I love it as it does have a very strong orange flavor.

Iced orange coffee (RM4.20). I have to say that it was very refreshing and unbelievably good!

The nasi lemak with fried chicken (RM7.90) was ok. But, I would recommend this place to you if you're craving for good nasi lemak!!!


Rozella said... @ 10/7/08 6:23 AM

Hey Monica, I did some changes to the pics. Try see again if can or not? So weird lah. :( Sedih me you cannot see cos it's so funny. Hehehe

Nick Phillips said... @ 10/7/08 4:29 PM

I like their urrrmmm, I think it's called honey lemon tea. Feel in love with the first time I tried it. One of the best I've tasted around :D

Nightwing said... @ 10/7/08 7:58 PM


Thanks for sharing it...very mouth watering pictures...:)

Anonymous said... @ 10/7/08 8:07 PM

hmmmm, the orange white coffee sounds good ;)

Monica said... @ 10/7/08 9:03 PM

Alright. I'll drop by soon ;-)

Really? Ok, I'll try their honey lemon tea next time..

you're welcome..hehe..

Yes, it is! :-D

Unknown said... @ 29/7/08 4:52 PM

I like their milk tea very much!
One word to describe it!
" KAO "!!! :)

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