Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Last Saturday, we went to Tesco around 11p.m after a satisfying dinner. At that hour, the parking lot was jam-packed. All the trolleys were not available. Most of the shelves were half-empty. It was so packed with people that we could hardly move forwards or backwards. I'm not complaining but thank goodness for their good prices, I say!

The price of everything is going up and getting more expensive these days but who says people don't do well in tough economic time?


LadyJava said... @ 8/7/08 4:29 AM

Wow! Which Tesco is this Monica?? It does look like a riot...lolzz!!

Thanks for stopping by earlier :) and you have a great blog too :)

Have a great week ahead...

Anonymous said... @ 8/7/08 8:25 AM

Saturday??? They Kiasu something might happen in the Protes. State of emergency maybe.

Monica said... @ 8/7/08 4:10 PM

Tesco in Mutiara Damansara..LOL..
Glad to see you here too ;-)

hahaha..probably! and we were shocked too..

Liz said... @ 9/7/08 3:36 AM

i agree! it does look like a riot, hehe.

have a great day dear!

Nick Phillips said... @ 10/7/08 12:34 AM

One thing about Malaysian, good times or bad times, they never fail to shop ... LOL!

Monica said... @ 10/7/08 6:22 AM

LOL. anyway, will drop by your site soon! ;-)

True! true!

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