Friday, August 01, 2008

Me and mybf went to Sunway Pyramid with David last Sunday. I wanted to skate but they're so scared of falling or flying or latching onto the wall or crashing into someone or slamming into the ice and they didn't want to play with me! So, I shopped till I dropped!

My MNG's T-shirt (RM20.00!).

Bf's Polo shirt (RM139.00).

David and I, infront of Sunway Lagoon.

We decided to have our dinner at Halo Cafe. It's a nice place to relax and chill out.

Grape Soda (RM8.50), not nice at all but I love Moon Lover (RM10.90), it really makes me want to have another, now.

Halo Ebiko fried rice (RM10.90).

Sizzling bowl noodle (RM7.90).

Cornflake chicken fillet (RM6.90).

Teriyaki chicken with mix rice ball (RM9.90).

The food was not bad!!

At 9p.m., there were two performers started to sing live on stage.

The place was quite packed with people and they are all Chinese, except mybf. Well, at least he enjoyed the food and the Chinese songs that he can't understand at all.

One jug of Tiger Draught (RM38.00).

Here, you can play card games too.

David was teaching us how to play Big Deuce or Big Two and we played for hours until 12.30a.m.!


Mariuca said... @ 1/8/08 3:28 PM

Hey Monica, thanks for stopping by my blog!

The food looks really yummy, and looks like u had a great time. Any more fun plans this weekend? :):):)

Monica said... @ 1/8/08 4:07 PM

Hello!!! Thanks for dropping by too ;-) hmmm.. this weekend, there's no plan yet...hehe..

MisterZyl said... @ 1/8/08 6:41 PM

Really a nice time right? :)

Unknown said... @ 2/8/08 12:14 AM

Looks good!
If I'm not mistaken, there fried rice is quite popular :) (OUG Branch)

Nick Phillips said... @ 2/8/08 1:29 AM

Aiyoo Monica, I shouldn't be dropping by your blog at 1.30 am with a hungry stomach la ... LOL! The food looks absolutely delicious!

Anonymous said... @ 2/8/08 3:24 AM

i like the shirt! so, did you spend all your savings? lol.

have a great weekend dear ;)

Monica said... @ 2/8/08 5:46 AM

oh yes!! :-D

I guess their rice ball is more popular..;-)

aiyaa..1.30am, you were still awake?! LOL

No, I didn't spend all my savings..hahaha..

Rozella said... @ 2/8/08 7:32 AM

I've always wanted to skate also but no one wants to kawan me! :( So until now never jadi-jadi.

Lee said... @ 2/8/08 8:46 AM

Hi Monica, beautiful pictures. I was at Sunway in 2002 for a neice wedding. Nice place.
Have a great weekend, Lee.

I AM A BLOGGER said... @ 3/8/08 12:25 AM

hihi, juz passing by. I guess u really hv a great time there.Hope u drop by my place as well(^ ^)

WEWOWEWO said... @ 3/8/08 1:50 AM

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Unknown said... @ 3/8/08 11:36 AM

what's seamless background?

Long time didn't view your blog. You still advertise the KL foods, eh? HAAA!

The place is so beautiful at night. I like it.

Monica said... @ 4/8/08 7:05 AM

Let's go!!! :-D

It has undergone many changes..hehe

Thanks for dropping by ;-)


It's like image as a background.
Not advertising but sharing.. hahaha

Anonymous said... @ 4/8/08 3:07 PM

nice review that fulfills my curiosity, i have always wondered about the food prices/taste at the halo cafe.

Monica said... @ 5/8/08 3:03 AM

Thanks! ;-)

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