Friday, August 22, 2008

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not dropping by your blog and also remiss in replying to your comments. I couldn't even update my blog because my laptop was infected by virus through network shares few days ago when I was at Starbucks, Centrepoint. Thank GOD it's fine after reformatting it by a friend. I miss all the assignments given. I miss my blog and I miss my blogging friends!

Secondly, I've totally forgotten about my blog's first anniversary which was on the 20th Aug! When I saw a new visitor dropped by and said "Happy Blogoversary", then only I realized I've been blogging for a year now. Well, I have some awards for my blogging friends. But, please give me some time; I will post about it soon.

Lastly, I'm facing a problem with my PayPal account! So far, I didn't verify my PayPal account because I wanted to wait until it reaches certain amount then only I withdraw one shot instead of withdrawing from time to time. On Wednesday, I went to Al-Rajhi Bank to open a savings account (Mudharabah Savings Account-i) and I received a Visa Debit Card on the spot. It's just for the purpose of transferring the money from PayPal to this bank account and withdraws the money with the debit card. When I linked and confirmed the debit card to get my account verified, PayPal slapped me with this - We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card. I've activated my bank account and I'm sure the information I entered is correct. I called Al-Rajhi Bank's hotline number and asked them about this. They said I've to use another debit card from another bank!?!? I do not want to use my credit cards as I've experienced with credit card fraud before. Now I'm not sure what the problem is. I really hope someone can help me or guide me on this. PLEASE.... Anyone?


Anonymous said... @ 22/8/08 5:13 PM

from what I heard, you have to contact Al-Rajhi Bank and inform them you need the card for PayPal transactions. They will do the required and you can re-submit the card.

Rauff said... @ 22/8/08 5:25 PM

You register with your credit card just once. Once it has been verified you register your Al-Rajhi one then delete the first one. For extra precautions inform the bank of the first card and tell them you do not use your account for online purchases at all~ They will take the necessary actions.

Nick Phillips said... @ 22/8/08 5:28 PM

I call Al-Rajhi once and they said they don't do pay pal! But I've heard some bloggers say that Al-Rajhi is ok. I'm using a Public Bank debit card and it works just fine. the only hassle was having to wait for the darn card which took at least a month to arrive.

Oh and happy one year to your blog ... :D

karulann said... @ 22/8/08 7:35 PM

Oh...If I'm not mistaken, you cannot verify paypal using your al-rajhi debit card. As others also face the same situation when they tried to varify using al-rajhi. But you're able to withdraw to the al-rajhi debit card, like me. I verify using my citibank card and withdraw to my al-rajhi debit card. My advise, try verifying using other credit card...

InnerJourney said... @ 22/8/08 11:16 PM

We went to Al-Rajhi Bank some months back to open an account for the same purpose and we were discouraged by their staff from doing so as we may encounter problem with PayPal. A better bet is Public Bank

Anonymous said... @ 23/8/08 2:52 AM

hi monica! im glad to her that your laptop is ok now. with regards to your debit card, i think you have to first make an initial deposit to the card, just a minimum amount because even if the issuer said it's activated there should be a balance in the card.


Anonymous said... @ 25/8/08 6:18 PM

Sorry do not know much abt pay pal thingy.

Please drop by my crib when u have time.


Monica said... @ 25/8/08 6:47 PM

Costa, Rauff, karulann, InnerJourney,
Thanks for dropping by and giving me some great advice! I truly appreciate it.

I'm going to get a Public Bank debit card soon...*sigh*

The card has more than sufficient available funds actually.

It's alright. I'll drop by your site soon ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 2/9/08 4:01 PM

hmm...not sure what's the problem, but i have 2 paypal accounts, one premier and one personal, and i use PB visa electron and nexG to verify, and i added tune money debit card to withdraw, and have not experienced any problems.

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