Monday, August 11, 2008

On the 08.08.08 at 8p.m, we had to attend the opening ceremony of Kay's Café at The Waterfront @ Parkcity. But, I was late due to oversleeping!

Waterfront@Parkcity, located in front of the Le Venue, Desa ParkCity.

Kay's Café opens its doors.

Bar counter.

Wooden seats in the far corner; a great date spot.

Spacious outdoor dining area.

Outdoor section, which overlooks the lakes. It was so relaxing!

David, the Café Manager. Thanks for the invitation!


Overall, the ambiance was nice and cozy. It was dimly lit enough and the service was pretty standard. I didn't try all the food (probably there's no reason for me to wake up and have a ravenous appetite), so I can't say much about it. However, there was this boy who has captured my heart *ahem* that evening.

See, this cute little boy was full of cute expressions!


Nick Phillips said... @ 11/8/08 3:38 PM

That looks like a cool place. Where exactly is Desa ParkCity? Might go visit it one day :D

Simon Seow said... @ 11/8/08 6:00 PM

New cafe in Desa Park City? Cool. It's near my house lol.

Rozella said... @ 11/8/08 7:44 PM

The cappuccino looks good!

Anonymous said... @ 12/8/08 1:28 AM

it looks so cozy, i hope i can visit with my family someday ;)

Monica said... @ 12/8/08 1:03 PM

It's a few minutes drive to the Kepong town centre and also near Bandar Sri Menjalara. you can see all the high-end houses around that area.

oh, you're staying there?

Yes, it's tasty too!

Sure you can ;-)

Simon Seow said... @ 12/8/08 2:22 PM

No la, I'm not that rich. I stay in Tmn Sri Sinar.

Jaanvi said... @ 12/8/08 2:46 PM

It seems to be a nice hangout.. :)

Lee said... @ 12/8/08 11:08 PM

Hi Monica, thats a beautiful place and the food and drinks certainly matches the place.
You look sensational in that pic....what I call 'traffic stopper looks', ha ha. Lee.

Anonymous said... @ 13/8/08 12:56 AM

What Fun! I sure would like to be there,lucky you. Luv your blog!

Anonymous said... @ 13/8/08 11:08 AM

Nice ambiance!

Monica said... @ 14/8/08 10:27 AM

I've no idea where's Tmn Sri Sinar but nvm.. probably I'll bump into you in Desa ParkCity one day? :-)

Yes, it is ;-)

Hi! 'traffic stopper looks'? hahaha.. You're so sweet!!! ;-)

Monica said... @ 14/8/08 10:30 AM

Hello! Thanks for dropping by :-)

yeah, indeed! ;-)

·°∴ 飛雪•嫊晶✿MoMoCCo♡Crystal..·° said... @ 8/12/08 5:39 AM

hey Monica~
juz pass by and saw ur blog~
don't u visit Kay's Cafe again?
lots of new food and drinks there~
and i think, David miss u guys a lot too^^
c ya~

Monica said... @ 9/12/08 3:20 AM

Hi girl! Thanks for passing by :-) oh yes, we'd love to visit Kay's Cafe one day..and also to see you guys! well, got to wait till the "boss" is free ;-)

Pls send my regards to David too!

·°∴ 飛雪•嫊晶✿MoMoCCo♡Crystal..·° said... @ 11/12/08 4:57 AM

David is quite busy recently~~
Kay's Cafe is gonna have the grand opening ceremony soon, that's why all of us rushing because of it~
i think David will invite u guys for the grand opening~
the "boss" so busy ah??
hope can see u guys soon^^

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