Monday, August 25, 2008

When Mr. Kim invited us for dinner in a Korean restaurant at Sri Hartamas, first thing came to my mind was definitely my favorite kimchi and kimbap a list of Korean dining etiquette rules especially dinning with elderly people. At first, he brought us to a Korean BBQ restaurant but it was full house. So we went to another Korean restaurant but I can't remember the name of the restaurant.

#1 It is owned and run by a Korean woman.

#2 What first catches my eye are the traditional Korean-style tables; extremely low tables on a raised platform. Oh no, I was wearing a denim mini skirt! There's no other option. So, we sat on the floor with shoes off, of course.

#3 Mr. Kim was having a hard time to translate to us some of the dishes in the menu.

#4 Therefore, we let him order the food.

#5 Banchan (side dishes).

#6 Kalguksu (literally "knife noodles") is a Korean noodle dish consisting of handmade, knife-cut wheat flour noodles. It is served in a large bowl with broth and other ingredients.

#7 Kimchi (Korean national dish).

It is made with cabbage and other vegetables and a variety of seasonings, including red chili peppers. Koreans can't go anywhere without this famous spicy cabbage and I love Kimchi very, very much, too!

#8 We were told, when having a meal with the elderly, wait for the elders to hold their spoon first.

#9 Jokbal. They are very, very spicy but absolutely delicious.


#11 Baekseju (literally "one-hundred-years wine") is a Korean glutinous rice-based fermented alcoholic beverage flavored with a variety of herbs, ginseng most prominent among them.

Do not decline the first glass of alcohol.

I took a sip. Gosh. Please kill me!!

#12 Fish. Another wonderful and tasty dish.

#13 Chamisul (literally meaning "real dew"), the most popular variety of soju (distilled beverage native to Korea).

It is against traditional custom in Korea to fill one's own glass. Instead, someone else at the table must fill it. A glass should not be refilled unless completely empty and should be promptly refilled once empty; it is considered rude to not fill others' glass when empty. To pour a drink, hold the bottle in the right hand with the left hand touching the right forearm or elbow. When receiving a drink, rest the glass in the left palm and hold it with the right hand.

#14 Gaeran Jim (steamed egg dish).


When sitting on the floor for a meal, men should cross their legs while sitting on the cushion. Women may sit with their legs to the side but do not straighten out under the table. However, I was a little uncomfortable because my legs were very numb!

Overall, it was a wonderful meal, a wonderful experience. One suggestion for the ladies, don't wear a mini skirt.


molly said... @ 26/8/08 8:43 AM

Ahha, that's something i am going to try. Where is it? Expensive? I remember long time ago i went for a Japanese set dinner and it cost me around RM500.00 for 4 persons. Luckily i have a credit card to hutang first. From then onward i started to be price concious or i may end up washing plate for the restaurant to pay back.

Nick Phillips said... @ 26/8/08 9:25 AM

I've never tried Korean food before, was always a little skeptical about their Kimchee thingy but the pictures of the food look pretty yummy. Who knows, I just might find the courage to try some one day ... hehehe ...

foongpc said... @ 26/8/08 12:09 PM

Thanks for explaining the dining etiquette at korean restaurants. Will definitely come in handy when I visit one next time : )

Rozella said... @ 26/8/08 8:21 PM

I love Korean food! It's absolutely yummy and oooo... kimchi! I could so use some right now! Hehehe

Anonymous said... @ 27/8/08 4:11 AM

The ambiance is pretty good. :)

Simon Seow said... @ 27/8/08 6:59 AM

Slurp, slurp. Making me hungry -_-

Rozella said... @ 27/8/08 7:06 PM

Babe I got a Merdeka tag for you!

Unknown said... @ 29/8/08 3:56 AM

The menu do not have english?
Saw it was all korean writing?

But the food really look nice, for me I would rather sit on a chair.
NO mather what position on the floor sitting too long will make my leg numb! Hard to enjoy the meal too.

LindaLow said... @ 29/8/08 11:36 PM

ah..Monica, Tks for the tag. I'm quite bad with all these but will try to find out how to do it. I'm sure u hv a good feast. When u mentioned "men hv to sit with the leg crossed and for women...U know what I'm thinking?? Women will hv to sit with the legs open.. funny right.. Hv a nice weekend:-) Cheers.

Monica said... @ 29/8/08 11:42 PM

I can't remember the name of the restaurant. It's located bebind Maybank at Sri Hartamas. well, it cost around RM250.00 for 3 persons.

you should try! I was a bit skeptical of kimchi at first but now, I love it!

No problem ;-)

Glad to know that!

Monica said... @ 29/8/08 11:49 PM

yes, it is ;-)


Thanks dear!!!

Not all the items on the menu are translated into English. yeah, I'd prefer to sit on a chair too..LOL

Linda,'re so funny!
Re the tag, no problem, take your time ;-) Enjoy your weekend!

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