Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Hi, Tracy!" A gentleman walked towards me when I was browsing around at British India in 1U one fine day. I turned to my left, no one was there. I turned to my right, no one was there either. I looked at him with full of question marks. "Excuse me?" He was smiling and said "opps, sorry! You looked like one of my friend and I thought you were her." I smiled at him. "It's okay", I said. After that, he introduced himself and asked for my cell phone number because he wanted to make friend with me. When someone asked a question, I am programmed to answer. Otherwise, I am perceived as a rude person. Am I right? However, that was the worst pick-up line I have ever heard! I told him that. Well, he is one of my friends now. LOL.

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Rozella said... @ 6/8/08 8:25 PM

Wah! You guys jadi friends also ya in the end? Hehehe Cool, cool!

Monica said... @ 6/8/08 11:16 PM

Yes! cos I could see that he's harmless after all! ;-)

LindaLow said... @ 7/8/08 3:25 PM

ha..haa..Monica. This happened to me b4 during my college days. Same old line but I didn't say it to his face la..:) You look so sweet:)

Monica said... @ 8/8/08 11:27 AM

Hello! Thanks for dropping by ;-)

I'd rather he just say hello instead of using a cheesy or truly awful pickup line...hahaha

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