Saturday, September 27, 2008

We were hanging out with my cousin sister, Salina at The Apartment Cafe & Restaurant, The Curve last Saturday. Well, it's a relaxing place for us to laze in and I suppose if you've been there, you would have surely attracted by its chic yet cosy decor, too. Right?

Salina and I.

We had Cappuccino (RM9.90), Iced chocolate (RM13.90) and a jug of Tiger (RM37.00).

Andrew's pasta.

At RM17.90, don't expect the portion to be too big.

Smoked salmon plate (RM22.90). I had no idea why I ordered this; I ate the smoked salmon, cream cheese and toasted rye only. The rest - capers, shallot and parsley remain untouched!

Squid lychee and chilli salad (RM13.90).

Baked chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream (RM12.90). I like the moist chocolate pudding with a burst of coffee in the center; not bad.

I love the ambience. But, I would definitely NOT return for the food.

Seriously, if you are just in the mood to burn cash on average food, come here!


Nightwing said... @ 27/9/08 4:31 PM

Thanks for the tip on the food there...:)

U have a great weekend ahead now..cheers.

Mariuca said... @ 27/9/08 5:06 PM

Monica, u look great in this pic woman! Love ur hair and I really need to do something to mine, esp with Raya coming next week he he! :D

Mariuca said... @ 27/9/08 5:10 PM

Thanks for the review, prices do seem pricey, esp for ur tiny dish, although I love salmon! Hey that choc pudding looks a lil bit like my mug cake ha ha! :D

Mariuca said... @ 27/9/08 5:11 PM

Yeeha! I'm number 3 oredi here, so much FUN! Happy weekend sweetie! :):):)

LifeRamblings said... @ 28/9/08 3:31 PM

i love the baked chocolate pudding, it looks enticing!

Monica said... @ 28/9/08 5:01 PM

same to you too ;-)

Thanks dear!!! :-D
Two days hurry up and don't forget to show us your new hairstyle ok ;-)

hahaha...that's a very nice mug cake!

Yay #3!!! I told ya you're fast! :-D

Life Ramblings,
hehe..the baked chocolate pudding is yummy, indeed!

Mariuca said... @ 28/9/08 5:51 PM

Monica!! LJ and Emila are on a warpath to make it as my Top Mariucan this month, so almost everybody got kicked off the list LOL! Thanks to ur 3 comments, u're back on the list at number 5! 2 more days left, so make sure u leave me some comment love the next 2 days to retain ur spot okay? :):):)

molly said... @ 28/9/08 6:11 PM

Hi Monica, have a nice weekend!

foongpc said... @ 29/9/08 2:09 AM

I thought the food looks nice. Well, I guess looks can be deceiving : )

Monica said... @ 29/9/08 2:53 AM

Mariuca, wonder la...LOL..Okay, I'll make sure I'm one of the Top Mariucans this month..hehe :-D

Hi!!! Enjoy your weekend too my dear..

Foong, really doesnt look that tasty :-D

Yankeenaijababe said... @ 29/9/08 4:49 AM

You got my mouth watering. I love the look of the salmon, looks like a rose flower. Hope you having a fun Sunday.

Anonymous said... @ 29/9/08 5:35 AM

I like the name of the place, too bad the food is bad.

Lee said... @ 29/9/08 5:45 AM

Hi Monica, simply torture see the delicious food, ha ha.
You sure one very attractive girl.
You free Saturday night? Ha ha.
Best regards, Lee.

Nick Phillips said... @ 29/9/08 4:35 PM

The pasta looks yummy :D

Monica said... @ 29/9/08 5:53 PM

nice, huh? I don't know how I could cut into them..LOL

It's quite pricey and not worth it :-D

hahaha...thanks!!! Sat night? Sure! you'll see me in sarong kebaya *wink* how abt that? :-D

"LOOKS" yummy indeed...LOL

Metz said... @ 29/9/08 7:18 PM

Hi Monica,

WOw it looks like you have had a lot of fun hehehe damn now am hungry hehehe.

Mariuca said... @ 30/9/08 2:59 AM

YAY! I changed my TC widget to accommodate the many comments I'm getting from my 2 ladies, so the rest of you who's been working real hard this month won't get bumped off my list! You're still on my list but you've slipped to number 8 now sweetie! ;)

Mharms said... @ 1/10/08 1:55 AM

oh these are so delicious. I like the chocolate muffin here..thanks for sharing. makes me hungry eh.

Anonymous said... @ 7/10/08 2:08 PM

i quite like their food there :D esp the duck & mango salad

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