Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One week from today, I will be "sunning" myself somewhere (nearby). Yeah, I must accept the fact that I'll face the gigantic ball of fire during the vacation with full of outdoor activities. 4 days 3 nights in an island and my suitcase is ready I'm completely ready! Of course I will not pack until the night before leaving! However, I have made a list of stuff that I will need to bring.

- bikini
- flip-flops
- dresses, shorts
- toiletries
- sunglasses
- sun hat
- camera and phone battery chargers

Bf: "Pack as lightly as you can, baby!"

- laptop

Bf: "and don't forget your tea tree oil and aloe gel."
Me: "Why will I need it?"
Bf: "Why? Remember you were screaming, crying, yelling and kicking me while you were playing at the beach because of your feet colonized by hundreds of hungry fire ants?" LOL

What else? Oh, the only thing that I need to get now is a sunblock that is 50 SPF (or if there's anything higher than that???) for me to apply from head to toe! For sure you don't want to see me carry an umbrella or cover my arms and my legs with long shirts at the beach, right?


Mariuca said... @ 23/9/08 4:01 PM

Yahooo!!! First commenter, first time too LOL! :)

Mariuca said... @ 23/9/08 4:03 PM

Wah have a great vacation, I'm sure u are excited! Whenever I hear ppl say they're going for a vacation, I automatically feel like going on one too! We're planning for another getaway, but dunno exactly when and where yet! :):):)

Anonymous said... @ 23/9/08 5:38 PM

haven't gone to the beach in ages, i envy you!

i hope you have a great vacation. ;)

Anonymous said... @ 24/9/08 9:10 AM

Have a great vacation! :-)

foongpc said... @ 24/9/08 9:56 AM

Enjoy your holidays! Like you, I also pack at the last minute.
Btw, do drop by my blog today. Your name is mentioned in my post : )

Nick Phillips said... @ 24/9/08 10:43 AM

Have fun and remember to take loads of pictures ...

Monica said... @ 24/9/08 11:08 AM

hehe.. you're so cute! Thanks dear

then you gotto discuss your travel destination wish list with your hubby..;-)

awww...don't! :-D

Thanks ;-)

Okay, I'm coming!

Yes, I will!

Anonymous said... @ 24/9/08 7:15 PM

Wao, that's great. I am going somewhere with 3 other friends next month. Looking forward to my holiday too. Enjoy you trip! :):)

Mariuca said... @ 24/9/08 10:11 PM

Hola sweetie! I have a very special award for you, congrats!

Monica said... @ 25/9/08 5:01 AM

Thanks. Enjoy your vacation too! ;-)

awww...thank you so much my dear..:-)

Rozella said... @ 25/9/08 7:29 PM

Bikini!?! Woohoo! You go girl! The day I wear one is a day that... uhh.. will probably never come! Hehehe

Monica said... @ 25/9/08 8:22 PM

C'mon...why not?

Mariuca said... @ 26/9/08 4:52 PM

Monica! I am slowly but surely moving up ur TC list woo hoo! Now....to get on ur TD list he he! ;)

Monica said... @ 26/9/08 5:21 PM

YAY!!! I'm so happy to see you in my TC list..you're fast!
and, keep dropping ok :-D

LifeRamblings said... @ 26/9/08 7:59 PM

have plenty of fun and take care!

Monica said... @ 27/9/08 11:53 AM

Life Ramblings,
Thanks ;-)

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