Friday, September 19, 2008

At RM19.90 per kg, I was like, WOW!!! So cheap, huh? Ended up, I had crab almost every night at one of the restaurant in SS2 for the past few weeks.

Kam Heong Crab.

But, I love Butter Crab more! Extremely yummy!!!
So, what is your favorite crab dish? Or you are not crazy for crab at all?

It's 7a.m. now and I'm craving for crab! What a crap!


molly said... @ 19/9/08 9:02 AM

Oh, I love crab. But... my children dont like it. :(:(

Anonymous said... @ 19/9/08 9:07 AM

I love crab!!! There's this restaurant called hai peng on old klang road that serves the best crab! Their source is to die for! Fantastic! I miss it so so much!

Bombchell said... @ 19/9/08 9:15 AM

mmmm wow!!!

i just got into crabs last month, delicious.

Anonymous said... @ 19/9/08 9:33 AM

I love crabs too - kam yeong especially! Fatty Crab's my favorite haunt! :-)

Mariuca said... @ 19/9/08 1:20 PM

Oh my oh my!! Monica!! I love this dish it looks so YUM! My fave crab dish is def Fatty Crab mah... the chili crabs, I'm sure u've tasted it too! Hmmmmm, I feel like having Fatty Watty this weekend now he he! :D

Mariuca said... @ 19/9/08 1:25 PM

PS. Happy to see MPG here at ur blog today, matching with ur pink blog yay! :D

Nick Phillips said... @ 19/9/08 4:38 PM

I'm not a crab person partly cos I'm semi-allergic to it ...

foongpc said... @ 20/9/08 12:28 AM

I absolutely adore crabs! And it's good to have "man tao" to dip into the sauce. Yummy!!

Anonymous said... @ 20/9/08 1:56 PM

wow that looks yummy, monica!! have a nice weekend ya

Anonymous said... @ 20/9/08 2:35 PM

waa...this crab make me hungry....

Monica said... @ 20/9/08 3:40 PM

Molly, time come and eat with me :-D

do they've butter crab? hehe...

sounds good! ;-)

oh yes, I love Fatty Crab!

Monica said... @ 20/9/08 4:23 PM

hehe...enjoy your Fatty Watty dearie & have a nice weekend ;-)

sorry to hear that!

"man tao" dip into the butter crab sauce, oh god! YUMMY!!!

Enjoy your weekend too my dear..

be patient ok.. 3 more hours, buka puasa! ;-)

Mariuca said... @ 20/9/08 11:16 PM

Hi sweetie, I am on a mission to get into ur Top EC list he he! So far no sign of me here yet though! :D

Unknown said... @ 21/9/08 10:26 AM

wow every nite... nice :)

Rozella said... @ 21/9/08 11:22 AM

Looks so yum!!!!!!!!

Monica said... @ 22/9/08 3:13 AM

yes dear, hope to see "wishing on a falling star" in my Top EC list!!!

hehe.. it's almost every night ;-)

yeah it is! ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 22/9/08 11:52 AM

Not sure about that, but their specialty is the spicy sweet and sour source. YUM!

LindaLow said... @ 23/9/08 3:05 PM

Wow!!! U really know how to eat huh:) Yummy.yummy...I also feel like eating now after looking at your delicious crab crab...hee..

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