Saturday, September 06, 2008

Liza tagged me and finally I have time to do this interesting tag.

Players: ALPHA / YEN / ARLENE / Hailey's Beats and Bits / Moms... Check Nyo / Turn-u-Off / your blog here

My roommates and I once: found out one of our housemates was pregnant from a one-night stand with an International singer.

Never in my life have I: been so patient.

High school was: full of memories.

When I’m nervous: my heart starts pumping.

My hair: is currently fine and straight.

When I was 5: I loved playing with my Barbies.

When I turn my head left: I see the bed.

I should be: going out for lunch now.

By this time next year: I wanna go on a vacation.

My favorite aunt is: my mom's youngest sister.

I have a hard time understanding: men who have serious psychological or personality disorders.

You know I like you if: I care about you.

My ideal breakfast is: a full English breakfast.

If you visit my home town: you'll fall in love with the seafood. LOL

If you spend the night at my house: we'll eat, drink and chat all night long.

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: cygnets.

I shouldn’t have been: argued with mybf over petty things. What to do? Women are more sensitive than men. No?

Last night I: had durians and McDonald's. Yummy!

A better name for me would be: err... I-couldn't-think-of-a-better-name.

I’ve been told I look like: Gong Li.

If I could have any car, it would be: a C6 Corvette ZHZ.

Now I'm passing this tag to Faizal, Rozella, Ratu Syura, Mariuca, Osindak and Nick.


Anonymous said... @ 6/9/08 5:48 PM

Hellow Monica!! Thanks for the tag girl! *hugs* You have a lovely weekend ya..

Mariuca said... @ 6/9/08 10:20 PM

Hi dear, thanks for the tag! Wow, ur number 1 answer oredi hooked me to read the rest of ur post he he! Cool tag and thanks for thinking of me.

By the way, here is the link to EC (EntreCard). This is how u can earn ECs, have fun and hope to see an EC widget here soon! :):):)

Nick Phillips said... @ 7/9/08 10:17 AM

Hey Monica, thanks for the tag. It looks like fun. I'll get it done soon :D

Anonymous said... @ 7/9/08 7:42 PM

Durians AND Mcdonalds?! Make sure you drink plenty of water! :D

Monica said... @ 9/9/08 1:10 PM


Thanks dear! I'll check it out soon ;-)

No problemo :-D

Yes dear!!!

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