Sunday, September 14, 2008

This year I haven't eaten any mooncake yet. Honestly, I fancy those gorgeous mooncake boxes and gift bags more than mooncakes. LOL. In the past, mooncakes came in paper cartons. Today, the packaging of the mooncakes has become more elaborate!

Modern electric lanterns.

Traditionally, on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat mooncakes under the moon. Alright, my siblings are waiting for me to have dinner together. I'll be back for more updates soon and also visit your site.

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!


Lee said... @ 14/9/08 10:36 PM

Hi Monica, I only love those mix nuts mooncakes, but will take a pass at those with eggs in them.
A friend gave us one....she orang puteh,...not keen on it.
Enjoy the festival. You going to carry a lantern? Ha ha. Lee.

Anonymous said... @ 15/9/08 1:19 AM

Those colourful lanterns really remind me of my childhood. Happy times!

Happy Mid-Autumn festival! :D

Nick Phillips said... @ 15/9/08 8:57 AM

Yeah, the packaging these days is so much better than the mooncakes itself ... LOL!

Anonymous said... @ 15/9/08 9:57 AM

I miss the mooncakes already! A fanatic when it comes to it...except the ones with Yolk in it... :-)

molly said... @ 15/9/08 10:25 AM

I bought the healthy mooncake from Amway end of July and finished it in August. My children dont like it. I stuffed all into my tummy. Hopefully I dont get diabetic.
We had a gathering at my mom's house to celebrate my son's birthday with cake but without mooncake.

Monica said... @ 15/9/08 11:13 AM

I hardly ever carry any lanterns since young.. hahaha..

you miss those days, huh? ;-)

but, why pay more for the exquisite packaging, right?

give me all the yolks!!!! LOL

I'd go for healthy mooncakes next time; sugarless and low calories :-D
How was the birthday party?

foongpc said... @ 15/9/08 1:42 PM

Hey, you are just like my younger brother. This year, I didn't buy any mooncakes. My brother did - not because he wanted to eat but just to collect the boxes. I got to eat those mooncakes! Pretty good deal, don't you agree? LOL

Nightwing said... @ 15/9/08 4:04 PM

Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival.

Every year will buy 4 moon cakes from Amway.

Give to my po po, her sister and her friend.

And one for myself...:)

Mariuca said... @ 15/9/08 8:48 PM

Hi sweetie! Having mooncake under the moon sounds cool, have fun! I've not had any mooncake yet this year, this weekend perhaps. :D

Mariuca said... @ 16/9/08 1:50 AM

Hola Monica! You’ve been tagged, have fun!

MisterZyl said... @ 16/9/08 5:43 AM

Happy Mooncakes Festival Monica. :)

Teena in Toronto said... @ 16/9/08 7:48 AM

I've never heard of a mooncake.

Monica said... @ 16/9/08 10:09 AM

LOL. I agree!

That's so sweet of you ;-)

Thanks for the tag dear, I'll check it out now!

Thanks! ;-)

Teena in Toronto,
I'm sure you can get them in Chinatown or other Chinese bakeries downtown..
Thanks for dropping by ;-)

Rozella said... @ 16/9/08 3:06 PM

I love all kinds of mooncakes. So yummy!

Happy happy to you also ya? Love the lanterns. So pretty!

Monica said... @ 16/9/08 9:02 PM

hi dear, so happy to see you here ;-)

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