Monday, September 08, 2008

You might be the kind of person who is happy with rainy days because the weather is cooler. I love it too. The only thing I don't like is that I reach home with my high heels splash of muddy water!

Everything looks green in the morning.

Feels like nighttime in the middle of the day.

The rain turned into a crazy downpour of hail!

Anyway, we plan to spend a couple of days in one of the islands during Hari Raya. I am planning to fry my skin under the sun hoping for a stress free, fun vacation with so many tourist spots to enjoy and with so much to see do. Imagine strolling along the beach at sunset; enjoying sumptuous food in an array of eating places situated on the mile long sandy beach. But wait, what will the weather be like? Since its smack in the middle of the rainy season, a pretty common answer is, "It will probably rain."

Anyone has any experience with traveling during the rainy season? Or what's your plan during Hari Raya?

Oh, I can't wait to be soaked!!!


Nick Phillips said... @ 9/9/08 12:55 PM

I'm just waiting for someone to invite me to their house for Raya so I can eat ketupat and rendang ... LOL!

I love the rain too. But yeah, just like you, I hate the squishy floors though I don't use heels la ... hehehe ...

Anonymous said... @ 9/9/08 1:37 PM

Con - everything's wet
Pro - cleaner air... :-)

Anonymous said... @ 9/9/08 1:46 PM

I love heavy downpour, we don't get that here.

Anonymous said... @ 9/9/08 6:06 PM

Yeah. Is fun having a holiday during the raining season. But be cautions and take care of yourself.

Anonymous said... @ 9/9/08 7:35 PM

It rains a lot here in KK too. It's nice if at home. Tapi kalau berjalan kaki with no payung, habis lah! hehe

Monica said... @ 9/9/08 8:04 PM

oh ketupat and rendang, those are my favourites...hehe..

True! true!
Thanks for dropping by too ;-)

Which country are you in now, huh?

Sure. Thank you!!! ;-)

hahaha...well, at least it rains. I heard Tawau is very hot now..

Anonymous said... @ 9/9/08 8:06 PM

and oh, Check out an award for you :)

anttyk said... @ 10/9/08 12:12 AM

Hey... Can you email me your mobile? The one I have doesn't work. Need to ask you important question.

Monica said... @ 10/9/08 3:08 AM

Awww.. thanks dear ;-)

Okay. Check your Gmail.

Nightwing said... @ 10/9/08 7:11 AM

Hi there,

Raining season in my city too. On sat rained until sunday evening. Stop in between...2 or 3 hours only.

foongpc said... @ 10/9/08 12:36 PM

I love the rain! Especially if sleeping at night, I like the rain to be heavy with thunder. But if go travel, I don't like raining. Prefer it to be cloudy day - that's the best weather when go travelling. Not too hot, and not raining either.

Liz said... @ 10/9/08 5:31 PM

we had heavy rains and thunderstorms last night and i had no internet connection for 13 hours.

thanks for the visit and your comment. ;)


Mariuca said... @ 10/9/08 9:48 PM

Have a good vacation sweetie! I see ur EC widget oredi, yay! Gonna advertise here now! ;)

Monica said... @ 10/9/08 10:04 PM

rained the whole day? good! :-D

wow..with thunder somemore! LOL..
btw, I don't like hot weather ;-)

13 hours, so long, huh? aww..

Thanks dear. I've approved the request. you're very popular and I can't afford to buy yet.. hehe

Anonymous said... @ 11/9/08 2:04 AM

Bungy land = kiwiland = New Zealand. ;)

Monica said... @ 11/9/08 2:45 PM

ah-ha, how I wish someone could bring me to the kiwiland.. LOL

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