Monday, September 22, 2008

It was Mooncake Festival. Instead of eating mooncake under the moon, we went to Sushi Groove for sushi-licious time! I like the atmosphere which is trendy and quite funky.

The food was pretty good even though empty tables were everywhere. The various offerings are in very creative combinations. That was what impressed me most. It's more about the GROOVE than the sushi at a reasonable price.

Here's what we ordered:












As always, a meal in the company of family is the best.


Anonymous said... @ 22/9/08 7:56 AM

Interesting, so many unfamiliar dishes!

Anonymous said... @ 22/9/08 9:27 AM

Is Sushi Groove better than Sakae?

Nick Phillips said... @ 22/9/08 10:42 AM

That's a lot of food. I'm not really the sushi kind.

Anonymous said... @ 22/9/08 11:53 AM

Haven't had sushi for some time now. Yummy!

lina said... @ 22/9/08 4:16 PM

Sure look interesting. Where is Sushi Groove BTW?

foongpc said... @ 22/9/08 9:40 PM

How much did you spend? Is Sushi Groove comparable to Sushi King or Sakae Sushi?

Lee said... @ 23/9/08 12:10 AM

Hi Monica, I have never eaten sushi....don't ask why, ha ha. Guess sushi and pizza not my kopi....though my wife loves both.
Nice pic of your 'family'? Your brother and sisters?
Very pretty.
You stay gorgeous, Monica, keep well, Lee.

Bombchell said... @ 23/9/08 2:51 AM

wow looks delicious!!!!!

Mariuca said... @ 23/9/08 3:51 AM

Hi dear, number 6 and 9 look very interesting, what dishes are those? ;)

Monica said... @ 23/9/08 9:53 AM

yeah, I can't remember the name of the dishes too ;-)

for groovy ambience, go Sushi Groove. for good sushi, go Sakae sushi :-D

a lot? hmm..just nice for 5 persons ..hehe..

Monica said... @ 23/9/08 10:07 AM

Do they have it over there?

It is at One Utama ;-)

about RM 130; it's more expensive than other sushi joints..

Monica said... @ 23/9/08 10:15 AM

I know why...hahaha..yeah, they're my brother and sisters.

hmmm...not too bad ;-)

Hi!!! #6 is curry rice cooked on hot nabe bowl and #9 is Krakutua Roll which filled with gindara and asparagus.

Mariuca said... @ 23/9/08 3:46 PM

Oh wow, thanks sweetie! They all look very enticing, I like Jap food. My fave Jap rest so far is still The Talk in Bangsar YUM!!! :):):)

Monica said... @ 25/9/08 5:03 AM

The Talk in Bangsar? Is it nice? I'll check it out ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 25/9/08 9:24 PM

Of course, tons of Asian cuisine here. :D

Monica said... @ 26/9/08 5:24 PM

I guess it must be quite expensive :-D

LifeRamblings said... @ 26/9/08 8:01 PM

wow, the sushi looks scrumptious!

Monica said... @ 27/9/08 11:55 AM

Life Ramblings,
yeah, it is!!!
Thanks for dropping by! :-D

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