Monday, October 13, 2008

Last Friday night, I told Ralph I didn't want to go out because I wanted to glue myself in front of the TV and watch an Indonesian film, which is based on a best-selling novel of the same name. Ayat-Ayat Cinta (literally meaning The Verses of Love) is a beautifully portrayed Islamic love story based in Cairo, Egypt.

The story follows the life of a too-good-to-be-true, young Indonesian man, named Fahri (Fedi Nuril), who moves to Egypt to study at the Al-Azhar University and the problems he encounters and attempts to solve through the teachings of Islam. Along the way, there are four beautiful, distinctly different women, each with their own desire to love and have Fahri. He devotes his love to only Aisha (Rianti Cartwright) but... *wiping tears* in the end, it all boils down to religion and faith in God.

I love this movie. Not only that, I love the main theme song a lot even though I don't really understand the meaning of it!

Desir pasir di padang tandus
Segar sang pemikiran hati
Terkisah ku di antara
Cinta yang rumit

Bila keyakinanku datang
Kasih bukan sekedar cinta
Pengorbanan cinta yang agung Kupertaruhkan
Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna

Cinta ini tak mungkin ku cegah
Ayat-ayat cinta bercerita
Cintaku padamu
Bila bahagia mulai menyentuh
Seakan ku bisa hidup lebih lama
Namun harus kutinggalkan cinta
Ketika ku bersujud


foongpc said... @ 13/10/08 10:49 AM

I seldom watch Indonesian movies but their songs are really nice! I like songs by Melly Goeslaw and artistes like Kris Dayanti, Peterpan and Samsons. Even own their albums : )

ZB said... @ 13/10/08 1:54 PM

this one reason why i also like indo movies :)

MisterZyl said... @ 13/10/08 3:14 PM

if u got time.. you should read the original version which is the novel. :)

Nick Phillips said... @ 13/10/08 3:19 PM

I'm with Foong on this one. Their songs are pretty cool :D

Monica said... @ 13/10/08 5:47 PM

I watch Indonesian movies since young ; influenced by my Indonesian maid :-D oh yes, I like Kris Dayanti! She has a unique voice..

Welcome back sweetie! ;-) Have you watched this movie?

Ok, I'll.

Yes indeed! and also their MV.

Anonymous said... @ 13/10/08 7:04 PM

Kris Dayanti...I loike!!

Mariuca said... @ 13/10/08 8:30 PM

Hi Monica! I've not watched this movie yet, thanks for the synopsis! Must be a tear-jerker since u had to wipe away ur tears! :)

Mariuca said... @ 13/10/08 8:31 PM

Wah I read the lyrics and yeah lor, it is very the sad, I love songs with heart-wrenching lyrics like this! :):):)

bluecrystaldude said... @ 13/10/08 9:09 PM

I heard, the novel is even better!

LifeRamblings said... @ 13/10/08 10:17 PM

indonesian movies are not my cup of tea but i like some of their songs.

Monica said... @ 14/10/08 5:02 AM

she's everyone's fan :-D

probably you'll like it coz there're some heart-wrenching scenes ;-)

yeah, the book has more in depth than the movie.

Life Ramblings,
hehe..I can listen to that main theme song over and over and never get tired of it..LOL

Rozella said... @ 14/10/08 7:56 AM

Sounds like a pretty cool flick!

Unknown said... @ 14/10/08 8:08 PM

Olla, what a coincidence..

I did a post on ayat-ayat cinta too.. hehe

though love story is not my cup of tea, i was glued to my lappie watching em.

Great and refreshing story line..

i like the part when Fahri said.. something like.. cant remember..

"Ikhlas, aku tidak ikhlas sebab kau Aishah lebih kaya dari aku.."

i think it was like two words but really summarized what fahri intended to say..

simple but brilliant words, nothing like the usual words of "Aku cinta padamu.. aku sayang padamu" and such things.. hehe


Monica said... @ 15/10/08 9:28 AM

I hope you'll like it dear ;-)

I guess you attended enjoyed this movie like me ;-)
yes, it also reminds me that all great love requires sacrifice...oh well..

Ratu Syura said... @ 15/10/08 1:39 PM

thanks for the thumbs up! i think i'll go check this out cuz i also like indo movies and they're songs are the best! my fave indo band is still dewa 19! always!

Anonymous said... @ 16/10/08 6:41 AM

I didn't watch it since I'm not indonesian however I wonder is the novel available in English?

Monica said... @ 16/10/08 6:39 PM

Ratu Syura,
Dewa 19. Is it an Indonesian rock band?

I'm not Indonesian either :-D
& I guess the book is not available in English.

Anonymous said... @ 16/10/08 6:44 PM

This is GREAT move BUT now we have another GREAT move...personally I feel Laskar Pelangi better the ayat-ayat cinta. Honestly I prefer the Novel then the movie for Ayat-ayat cinta...the story bit different.

Ori said... @ 17/10/08 12:47 AM

I'm Indonesian,'s amazing to read the comments here.
AAC is famous in Indonesia, I don't watch the movie -since I'm not a fan of Indonesian movies,but I have read its novel.
As for Indonesian songs, I like mostly anything from Dewa19 or anything created by Dhani (he's the lead of Dewa19). That group is the only one that I recommend to my overseas friends. Well, Tompi is also cool, that if you like jazz.
And yes, all maids in Indonesia love Indonesian movies, cause all of the actors are cute and mostly are full of bling-bling and they sell dreams :))

Monica said... @ 17/10/08 6:19 AM

oh ya? I'll go and check out Laskar Pelangi..thanks ;-) I haven't read the novel of AAC yet coz it's not available in English.

Indonesian actors are full of bling-bling? wow!! :-D Anyway, thanks for dropping by...

ifah elissah said... @ 1/3/11 4:30 PM

i relly like the song... ;)

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