Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here's wishing all Hindus worldwide a Diwali sparkling with joy and glowing with warmth! To non-Hindu friends and readers, happy holidays & have a great weekend!

A peacock made of coloured rice grains.

So what's your plans for Deepavali long weekend? As for me, I'll be very busy for the rest of the week 'cause my dearest mom will arrive here tonight!!!


Nightwing said... @ 25/10/08 12:00 PM

May you enjoy the time spend with ur mom.

Going to spend till you drop?..:)

Mariuca said... @ 25/10/08 1:03 PM

Hi Monica, I'm here! Doing an early EC round cause later I'll be out shopping away! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 25/10/08 1:04 PM

Wah ur mom is coming from Sabah eh? You must be thrilled, have fun and take lotsa pics to share with us sweetie! :)

Mariuca said... @ 25/10/08 1:06 PM

Enjoy ur long holiday, I'll be working over the weekend, so no plans yet. :)

Anonymous said... @ 25/10/08 7:03 PM

This is so colourful, Monica!

Mariuca said... @ 25/10/08 8:09 PM

Mon, thanks for dropping by MPG! Here with Mariuca now, have a good evening. :):):)

Anonymous said... @ 26/10/08 1:51 AM

I hope you're having a great time with your mom.

I hope you don't mind, I tagged you

Take care.

bonoriau said... @ 26/10/08 1:24 PM

Monica thank you for the link. I just thought that monica is your username for twitter...hee ..sorry.

Happy sunday

Mariuca said... @ 26/10/08 4:44 PM

Happy Deepavali Monica he he! Dropping EC here, have a good one! :):):)

LifeRamblings said... @ 26/10/08 6:32 PM

have a great weekend and happy deepavali!

Nick Phillips said... @ 26/10/08 7:29 PM

Whoa, that's a nice peacock! Colourful nyer. Happy Deepavali to everyone :D

Jackie said... @ 26/10/08 11:53 PM

Hi Monica,
I am working hard today to get some drops done. I was lazy yesterday.

I love the peacocks. The colors are so vibrant and wonderful!!:-)))

bluecrystaldude said... @ 27/10/08 1:09 AM

Wah.. The photos are beauty ;)

Happy Diwali Monica!

Anonymous said... @ 27/10/08 6:43 AM

hi... enjoy your holiday!

foongpc said... @ 27/10/08 12:48 PM

Happy Deepavali and Happy holidays! Have a good time with your mom! : )

Grandy said... @ 27/10/08 1:59 PM

Hope you are having a nice visit with your mother. :)

LindaLow said... @ 28/10/08 12:42 PM

i'm sure u must hv enjoy your time w your mom. An award for u. check out my blog:)

Mariuca said... @ 28/10/08 9:56 PM

Hi dear! You having fun with ur mom? :)

Mariuca said... @ 28/10/08 9:57 PM

Already dropped off Mariuca earlier, back with MPG now! Happy Tuesday! :):):)

Pete said... @ 28/10/08 11:39 PM

Nice peacock. Hope you had a great time with your mom!

Anonymous said... @ 29/10/08 9:20 AM

i saw the peacock in one-u from afar. i was stoned for a moment coz i tot it was real!

Lee said... @ 29/10/08 9:49 AM

Hi Monica, love those decor peacocks. Vey nice.
Have fun with your mom's visit.
Best regards, Lee.

Mariuca said... @ 29/10/08 5:13 PM

Am here with MPG sweetie!! When la will I get on ur TD list ni? ;)

Monica said... @ 29/10/08 11:55 PM

I just came back from Penang!!!

JO said... @ 30/10/08 2:32 AM

those are pretty!
Here's my WW! Thanks!

Yankeenaijababe said... @ 30/10/08 9:28 AM

Nice colors. How come I missed out on this post? The peacock stands out most.

Rozella said... @ 2/11/08 7:30 PM

Wah so pretty oh!!!

I was working on that day. Hehehe Nasib lah only got muruku. At least not so bad!

Bendz said... @ 13/5/09 2:35 PM

Simply superb. I hope you enjoyed your holidays.
Cool blog and Keep it up.

Monica said... @ 14/5/09 3:27 AM

Hi Bendz... thanks & welcome to my blog! ;) :)

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