Thursday, October 09, 2008

Now, I'm feeling rejuvenated!!!

Frankly, vacation is more enjoyable with a group of like-minded friends that make me laugh 'til I cry. By the way, all of them are non-Malaysian.

The guys - Ralph, Asim (Saudi Arabian), Salleh (Saudi Arabian), Abdullah (Saudi Arabian), Senjab (Syrian), Farzam (Iranian), and Behzat (Iranian).

The ladies - Lili (Egyptian), Vivi (Indonesian) and I.

When we arrived, Asim brought us to Desa Motel with his Gen2.

#1. I was quite disappointed to find out Desa Motel is not located along Pantai Cenang. I was looking forward to stay in a place with a beach view or close to the sea or being right on the beach. But there were no other options as many of the resorts were already fully booked.
Lesson learned - Book ahead!!!

#2. Its location grants us with some quiet since we're not right at the hub of all entertainment, but keep us on just a short walking distance from Pantai Cenang.

#3. A separate living room area.


#5. The room and the bathroom are quite spacious. It costs RM 120.00 per night (with A/C and hot water shower) during the peak tourist season. Oh yes, include free wireless internet access in the room as well.

After checked-in, we went to a restaurant at Sandy Beach Resort (one of the resorts in Pantai Cenang) for lunch.






#11. Asim, Salleh, Abdullah and Ralph.


#13. Asim and Mr. Basri.

#14. The weather was great on that day; cloudy with a bit of rain.




#18. Asim's car. He certainly has a passion for Langkawi, so much so that he bought a car there! We also have made a lot of new friends especially Middle Easterners during the trip.

#19. We filled up the empty mini-fridge with beers (for them) and chocolates (for me). Beers are cheaper than mineral waters; 24 cans of Carlsberg cost RM 35.00!

#20. Getting ready for dinner.

#21. Talking to mom on the phone.

#22. Ralph and I (just the two of us; the rest went somewhere else) decided to dine at Hj Jelani Restaurant, Pantai Cenang. The restaurant is ideally situated facing the beach.


#24. Watermelon juice & carrot juice.


#26. Fried chili squids.

#27. Seafood tom yum. If you love tom yum, don't miss this!!!

#28. Fried cashew nuts prawns with dried chili.

The wonderful meal costs us RM 50.00 only!

#29. Then, Farzam and Behzat came and joined us. They brought a bottle of red wine.

After dinner, we went to the airport to pick up Lili.

#30. Lili and I at Aseania Resort. The resort that I had stayed previously with Ralph.

After she has checked into the resort, we had pizza for supper. OMG! The pizzas are really good! In my next post, I'll tell you where you can find the best pizza ever in Langkawi.


syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said... @ 9/10/08 8:16 AM

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molly said... @ 9/10/08 8:44 AM

Have been to Langkawi only once. Looking forward to holiday there again, hopefully soon. Hard to find some like-minded friends to go together! You are lucky to have such friends around.

Anonymous said... @ 9/10/08 9:43 AM

I've been to Langkawi over 5 the place! Cheap booze and chocs!

Mariuca said... @ 9/10/08 5:16 PM

Oh wow, thanks for sharing the pics sweetie! We went to Langkawi for our honeymoon and had a blast too! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 9/10/08 5:17 PM

Aiyo the food looks so yum! Yest we had tom yum and it didn't look half as good as yours here. I bet it was spicy! Some more me thinking what to have for dinner now, and getting hungrier by the minute checking out ur food pics lol! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 9/10/08 5:17 PM

Glad u guys had a good vacation! If I can't go on one now, at least can share ur joy with these lovely pics! So where to next?? ;)

Mariuca said... @ 9/10/08 5:19 PM

PS. Getting closer and closer to ur number 1 commenter spot he he! Watch out Nick! ;)

LifeRamblings said... @ 9/10/08 5:33 PM

the food looks delicious and my tummy is rumbling now. glad you enjoyed yourself.

Ratu Syura said... @ 9/10/08 5:56 PM

omg!! bestnyaaa!!! i havent been to langkawi in ages!! i was planning to go to phuket but seeing as our beaches are not too shabby, i think i should jalan2 jadi tourist in own country la first. hehehe.

Unknown said... @ 9/10/08 6:39 PM

The food make my stomach druming. :)

A said... @ 9/10/08 10:14 PM

i wish my husband and i can go to Langkawi soon, the place has this romantic feel to it... and the food looks great! thanks for sharing the pictures!

Monica said... @ 10/10/08 2:57 AM

Thanks for sharing; I'll check it out.

Molly, simply need to make some new friends and then join in. It's not as hard as you think my dear ;-)

Unfortunately, I don't drink..LOL..

wah, I'm sure you had a fantastic honeymoon there and you'll cherish the memories forever!!!

yeah, the tom yum was very, very spicy but it really was excellent! :-D

Thanks dear...I don't have any plans for the next vacation yet coz I'm a last minute person..LOL

Anyway, thank you so much for your comments hun! Yay! you're my top ya ;-)

Monica said... @ 10/10/08 3:16 AM

Life Ramblings,
hehe..I hope your tummy is not rumbling by now ;-)

Ratu Syura,
hey dear, so happy to see you here!
I haven't been to Phuket yet but I guess Phuket has clearer water than Langkawi.


Hello!!! I hope you and your hubby will get a chance to visit that place too ;-)

Mariuca said... @ 10/10/08 1:57 PM

YAY!!! I am I am number 1 here now ha ha ha!!! Watch me dance Monica! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 10/10/08 1:57 PM

Btw, my Top Mariucans post is out! ;)

Anonymous said... @ 10/10/08 2:01 PM

oh how i miss langkawi. we were drinking beer and liquor like no one's biz during the 4 days there. 6 of us bought 2 cartons of beers, one swing, one baileys, 4L of white wine, drunk for day and night! hehe

Nick Phillips said... @ 10/10/08 3:32 PM

Would you believe I've never been to Langkawi? I must go one day. The place looks beautiful ...

Rozella said... @ 10/10/08 8:13 PM

Wow! Bestnya babe! So many-many gambars!! :)

Monica said... @ 10/10/08 8:40 PM

wow!!! Unfortunately, I'm not a boozer. so mybf bought 1 Litre bottle of Baileys for me only...:-D

yeah, you must go one day! bring your wifey & kids along ;-)

I took more than 400 pictures! LOL

foongpc said... @ 11/10/08 12:10 AM

Wow! You must have enjoyed yourself so much! Going on a trip is always more enjoyable with like minded friends! The photos of the beach and the food makes me want to go Langkawi! : )

LindaLow said... @ 11/10/08 1:07 AM

You really know how to enjoy life, don't you??:) Hv a great weekend..Like what U.Lee always said..."hang Loose!!"" haa..haa.

Monica said... @ 12/10/08 4:40 PM

Oh yes! stay tuned for more pictures.. LOL

Life is a journey and we must enjoy every single minute of it! :-D

Anonymous said... @ 12/10/08 8:31 PM

Lovely pictures and thanks for sharing it.

May take a trip there some day...:)

Question....any golf course there?


Monica said... @ 13/10/08 5:17 AM

Yes! There're three golf courses; The Langkawi Golf Club, The Golf Club Datai Bay and Gunung Raya Golf Resort.

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