Thursday, October 23, 2008

Have you gone pink like the KL Tower in conjunction with BreastCancer Awareness Month?

Anyway, I've been tagged by the lovely Mariuca (thanks hun) to join the Pink Sisterhood which is all about breast cancer.

Obviously no woman wants to receive this diagnosis, but hearing the words "breast cancer" doesn't always mean an end. It can be the beginning of learning how to fight, getting the facts, and finding hope.

Well, there are so many myths about breast cancer and women need straight answers. Don't let yourself be a victim of misinformation and the myths generated by fear.

Breast Cancer Myths:

The Myth
Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer.

The Truth
If you discover a persistent lump in your breast or any changes in breast tissue, it is very important that you see a physician immediately. However, 8 out of 10 breast lumps are benign, or not cancerous. Sometimes women stay away from medical care because they fear what they might find. Take charge of your health by performing routine breast self-exams, establishing ongoing communication with your doctor, and scheduling regular mammograms.


The Myth
Men do not get breast cancer.

The Truth
Quite the contrary. Each year it is estimated that approximately 1,700 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 450 will die. While this percentage is still small, men should also give themselves regular breast self-exams and note any changes to their physicians.


The Myth
A mammogram can cause breast cancer to spread.

The Truth
A mammogram, or X-ray of the breast, is one of the best tools available for the early detection of breast cancer. It CANNOT cause cancer to spread, nor can the pressure put on the breast from the mammogram. Do not let tales of other people's experiences keep you from having a mammogram. Base your decision on your physician's recommendation and be sure to discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor.


The Myth
Having a family history of breast cancer means you will get it.

The Truth
While women who have a family history of breast cancer are in a higher risk group, most women who have breast cancer have no family history. If you have a mother, daughter, sister, or grandmother who had breast cancer, you should have a mammogram five years before the age of their diagnosis, or starting at age 35.


The Myth
Breast cancer is contagious.

The Truth
You cannot catch breast cancer or transfer it to someone else's body. Breast cancer is the result of uncontrolled cell growth in your own body.However, you can protect yourself by being aware of the risk factors and following an early detection plan.

Sources taken from nationalbreastcancer.

Okay, back to the tag and the rules.

***start copy***

1. Put the logo in your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Add your link to the list of participants below
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

PINK Sisterhood
1- Fara 2- Massy 3- N.O.Y 4- Mariuca 5- A Great Pleasure 6- LadyJava 7- Turn-u-Off 8- YOU Next!

***end copy***

Ratu Syura, Molly, Rozella, Life Ramblings, Ori, Yankeenaijababe, Lala, this is the time to show your support to those who are fighting the disease, and the time to celebrate with the survivors. Let's join the Pink Sisterhood before October ends!


Anonymous said... @ 23/10/08 8:47 PM

:)) Ok Monica, I'll put it on my blog, pretty pretty soon. Thanks for tagging me, this will be my first time since I'm a 'tag virgin'...or how does it call? :-D

molly said... @ 23/10/08 10:36 PM

Thank you for the tag. Will try to put it up before end of October.

Anonymous said... @ 23/10/08 10:54 PM

Hi Monica! Thanks for tagging me. I will get it up probably tomorrow.

Thanks again! This subject needs more awareness.


LifeRamblings said... @ 23/10/08 11:38 PM

thanks for the tag. i'll display the badge again to support the awareness.

see my post here:

Pete said... @ 24/10/08 1:41 AM

Early cancer detection save lives!

Mariuca said... @ 24/10/08 2:34 AM

Am here Monica, thanks for doing the tag, you're da best! Will add u to MPG then! :):):)

Lee said... @ 24/10/08 8:33 AM

Hi Monica, my wife goes for her check up every year without fail.'Me too...just had my annual, all systems are go, ha ha.
Love your new sure look very pretty Monica.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Rozella said... @ 24/10/08 8:48 AM

Thanks so much for the tag dear. Will get it done tmrw k? Promise!

Yankeenaijababe said... @ 24/10/08 10:37 AM

Thanks for the tag. I couldn't say it any better. This is breast cancer awareness month and prevention is truly better than cure. Hope all is well with you. I will be back.

Monica said... @ 24/10/08 12:21 PM

hahaha....tag virgin sounds good Ori! :-D how about another tag for you? LOL!

No prob! ;-)

yeah, it's more than just a pink thing..:-)

Life Ramblings,
okay, I'll drop by soon my dear ;-)


Monica said... @ 24/10/08 12:22 PM

Thanks to you too sweetie!

U.Lee, too?! good to hear that U.Lee...
and thanks for the compliment ;-)

hahaha.. ok dear...I know you're very busy nowadays!

yes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Thanks for dropping by! ;-)

bonoriau said... @ 24/10/08 3:19 PM

Monica thank you for you comment. Don't forget to put your twitter link so that I can monitor and our friend also can follow your twitter.

Mariuca said... @ 24/10/08 7:46 PM

Hi Mon! I have added u to MPG, thanks for such a great post. U really put in effort to give ur readers some facts on breast cancer, awesome! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 24/10/08 7:49 PM

Dropping EC here today sweetie! I saw ur comments at my blog, thanks a lot and BIG HUGS! :):):)

bluecrystaldude said... @ 25/10/08 3:09 AM

Just checking you up Monica :)

Happy weekend!

Monica said... @ 25/10/08 3:24 AM

I'm still trying to figure out Twitter :-D Anyway, thanks Bono!

awww....TQ dear! ;-) *HUGS*

Thanks for checking up on me! Enjoy your weekend too :-)

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