Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm back and I had a great time! I took more than 400 pictures but I'm not going to bother just yet, too tired. I have a pile of dirty laundry and 100 unread emails in my inbox.

Torasham, Life Ramblings, Jacky, Nick, Mariuca, U.Lee, Metz, Hicham, Bombchell, and Azlan, thanks for your happy-holiday-wishes!


I miss sitting on the beach. I miss the sound of the ocean.

Sunset at Tanjung Rhu's beach.

Stay tuned for more pictures... That's all for now


Pak Zawi said... @ 6/10/08 10:03 PM

The setting sun turned me on. I just love sunsets and Sabah seemed to be well endowed with them.
Gret picture of the sunset.

foongpc said... @ 6/10/08 10:33 PM

Oh, glad you had a great holiday! Will wait for those pictures! : )

LifeRamblings said... @ 6/10/08 10:48 PM

welcome back monica! oh, you looked gorgeous and the sunset was absolutely amazing.

Mariuca said... @ 6/10/08 11:02 PM

YAY!! Monica is back, welcome home sweetie! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 6/10/08 11:03 PM

You're looking pretty as always, love the pink on you and wow!! Beautiful sunset! You went to Tanjung Rhu is it? I've never been there but heard it's awesome! Looking forward to the pics. :):):)

Bombchell said... @ 7/10/08 1:58 AM

lol u dont look tired =)

ugh omg i hate checking my email, its that much, but its mostly from blogs lol, so its easier to check.

Anonymous said... @ 7/10/08 5:05 AM

Oh the sea and ocean! I miss this a lot when I return back from any vacation however their's a good trick: bring 2 empty cups or mug and put it on the ears :S

Rozella said... @ 7/10/08 7:49 PM

Love the dress! :) You look gorgeous babe! Glad you had fun.

molly said... @ 7/10/08 9:44 PM

Welcome back Monica. Looking forward to see those pictures. :):)

Monica said... @ 8/10/08 2:37 AM

sunset is quite difficult to photograph! :-D Anyway, thanks for dropping by...;-)

Foong, Molly,
Stay tuned for more pictures :-D

Life Ramblings,
Thanks ;-)

Thanks dear.. yeah, we went to Tanjung Rhu's beach just to watch the sun go down..LOL

Monica said... @ 8/10/08 2:42 AM

I was very tired that day due to our flight delayed as well :-(

hahaha...what a good trick, huh? :-D

Thanks dear! I love that dress, too and I got it very very cheap...LOL

Unknown said... @ 8/10/08 8:16 PM

You must post your great experience of the trip in here. It's must be great. :)

Metz said... @ 9/10/08 12:47 AM

wow Monica has had a lot of fun wahh now I want to go to the beach too :) hehehe. xoxo dear :)

Lee said... @ 9/10/08 3:59 AM

WOW! Monica! You look simply hmmmm, beautiful! Love the pic.
Me too, how I miss the beach, the smell of the sea, palm trees and moonlight nights, ha ha. Lee.

Monica said... @ 9/10/08 7:40 AM

Sure! Sure! ;-)

yeah, me too; I want to go to the beach now! LOL...

Thanks ;-) I hope you're feeling lots better now!

Ratu Syura said... @ 9/10/08 5:58 PM

Monica!! pinjam ur dresss!!!! LOL! I love ittt I love ittt!! You look gorgeous babe!

A said... @ 9/10/08 10:18 PM

I love the picture you took of the sunset! i love the beach!

Monica said... @ 10/10/08 3:22 AM

Ratu Syura,
No prob hun; you can take it! LOL :-D

oh yeah, I love the beach too!!! ;-)

molly said... @ 10/10/08 3:06 PM

Sooo sorry, I have typed your URL wrongly. Hahaha I am getting old. Better pack and go for a holiday like you and refresh my rusty mind.

Monica said... @ 10/10/08 8:45 PM

Molly,'s okay!!!

Hurry up, is the time to plan for your holiday ;-)

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