Wednesday, October 22, 2008


t3ss4 said... @ 22/10/08 8:41 AM

a very pretty ghost ;) :D hehe

Anonymous said... @ 22/10/08 9:23 AM

Damn, you got me!

Anonymous said... @ 22/10/08 1:19 PM

super duper scary...hehe

bluecrystaldude said... @ 22/10/08 1:51 PM

You are so putih! Haha.. Your skin are literally glowing~

Monica said... @ 22/10/08 7:48 PM

a hungry ghost, I'd say! sitting alone in an empty restaurant and waiting for someone to serve..:-D


yeah, that's what my friend told me! hahaha...

I was shocked to see this too.. LOL

Mariuca said... @ 22/10/08 7:56 PM

Wah!! It's not Halloween yet Monica ha ha ha!! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 22/10/08 7:56 PM

Me scared of ghosts too he he! ;)

Anonymous said... @ 22/10/08 9:39 PM just got caught by the flash, apparently.

It's still a great photo!

Mariuca said... @ 22/10/08 11:46 PM

BOO! I'm back with MPG sweetie! Thanks for stopping by earlier, love ya! :):):)

Metz said... @ 23/10/08 12:57 AM

hey gorgeous :) hehe wow you can play snow white hehehe :) and that pizza is heavenly. mmmmm now am hungry again sigh heheheh :)

Anonymous said... @ 23/10/08 1:37 AM

you are not a ghost but putri Hang Li Po deh!!!

Yankeenaijababe said... @ 23/10/08 2:32 AM

Looks like a very hungry ghost waiting for food. Still looking great as

Mariuca said... @ 23/10/08 6:33 AM

Hola Monica! You’ve been tagged at MPG!

Monica said... @ 23/10/08 5:12 PM

hehe..well, it's just around the corner..:-D

Thanks ;-)

Empty Streets,
Hey!!! snow white? hahaha..then who'll be the Prince Charming? LOL!

Monica said... @ 23/10/08 5:12 PM

alamak! Putri Hang Li Po? hahaha..

yeah, the hungry ghost's very hungry, indeed. ;-) Thanks for dropping by!

Thanks dear! I'll get it done soon..

Jackie said... @ 23/10/08 7:41 PM

Great WW...I am so glad you dropped in.

I am adding you to my EC faves so I can follow you and your beautiful blog.

Happy day:-)

Hi Marzie, Blue, and Bono!

Monica said... @ 23/10/08 8:47 PM

Hello! I'm so happy to see you here & thanks for adding me! ;-)

Unknown said... @ 23/10/08 11:28 PM

olla monica..

i was trying to put a comment here but blogger seemed so determined not letting me doing so..

I was like trying to see every inch of the photo looking for that INVISIBLE ghost.. ahak ahak ahak..

Darn it!

This should be "Beauty and the Beast."

Beauty = Monica Beast = Invisible Ghost.

foongpc said... @ 24/10/08 12:25 AM

No I am not but I think I might have seen one! : )

Monica said... @ 25/10/08 3:32 AM

What? Blogger doesn't let you to put a comment here?! wth Blogger!

Beauty and the Beast! hahaha.. you've always made me laugh Rizal..LOL!

oh, I've read a bit abt that at your blog just now! Eeee...

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