Wednesday, October 29, 2008


bluecrystaldude said... @ 30/10/08 2:45 AM


bluecrystaldude said... @ 30/10/08 2:49 AM

Yeah~ hehe.. Was this a photo of Standing Stll Peace kinda thing? I received an invitation in Facebook few months before..

Nevertheless, those people are very fashionable and quite prepared (with shades and all). They look like live models :)

khengsiong said... @ 30/10/08 9:01 AM

How long were you frozen?

Call the beautiful witches of Charm to freeze you easier lah...

Jackie said... @ 30/10/08 9:03 AM

Wow this is a great WW...I love it!!
Hi Blue:-)

Mine is here:

Happy WW:-)))

Anonymous said... @ 30/10/08 9:23 AM

Brings a whole new meaning to FREEZE!!

Yankeenaijababe said... @ 30/10/08 9:37 AM

Is that real people?I felt it was a statue at one point. I always enjoy the wordless post needless to say.

Hey girl, I just tagged you with the "I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD," You have a great blog. Yeah!!!

foongpc said... @ 30/10/08 10:52 AM

How long were they frozen? I can't stand not moving - I'll get restless! : )

Nick Phillips said... @ 30/10/08 11:17 AM

This wordless Wednesdays sounds like a great idea for days when i got no idea just what to write ... LOL!

Anonymous said... @ 30/10/08 2:24 PM

advertisement? :P

Anonymous said... @ 30/10/08 4:02 PM

Dropping my EC.

Look happening deh!!!

Mariuca said... @ 30/10/08 5:10 PM

Yahoo!!! Monica is back!! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 30/10/08 5:11 PM

Great WW pic Monica! I've never participated in WW but just started with Music Monday, come join us there too okay? :)

Mariuca said... @ 30/10/08 5:11 PM

Oh here with MPG first today, happy Thursday sweetie! :)

LifeRamblings said... @ 30/10/08 10:14 PM

welcome back dearie! have a nice day.

bluecrystaldude said... @ 31/10/08 12:10 AM

Still waiting for your answer. hehehe.. See you again Monica :)

bluecrystaldude said... @ 31/10/08 12:10 AM

Hi Shinade! :)

Pete said... @ 31/10/08 7:05 PM

Nice photo. Have a great weekend!

Ori said... @ 31/10/08 10:48 PM

the red dress looks very nice!!

Mariuca said... @ 1/11/08 11:12 PM

Hey Monica! Here with Mariuca today, how's ur weekend coming along? :)

foongpc said... @ 2/11/08 5:20 AM

I have an award and a tag for you. Pls visit my blog here

Mariuca said... @ 2/11/08 6:24 PM

Dropping EC here today Mon, have a good one! :)

Monica said... @ 3/11/08 5:22 PM

Sorry for taking so long to answer you Haaziq! btw, Those people are real models!!! :-D They're like doing a fashion show.

me? I did not freeze..LOL!

Thanks for dropping by! I'll visit your site soon ;-)

esp freeze in fashion, I like! :-D

Monica said... @ 3/11/08 5:23 PM

Yes, they're real people...:-D oh, thanks for tagging me with the award! *HUGS*

About 5 minutes :-D
Thank you for the award and the tag! I'm coming!

hahaha...I can't imagine Nick with wordless post!

It was actually a fashion show presented by Tangs Pavilion.

Monica said... @ 3/11/08 5:23 PM

Thanks for dropping your EC! ;-)

Hello dear! what's Music Monday? Anyway, I'll drop by your site later and check it out ok ;-)

Life Ramblings,
I hope you had a great week too!

Thanks ;-)

oh ya, I love the red dress too..!

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Classics & Icons said... @ 2/2/10 12:59 AM

yeah sometimes it is a good idea to be wordless.

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