Monday, November 03, 2008

Hey y'all! How are y'all doing?

I've been really busy with my dearest mom over the last couple of days. For one whole week, we shopped and shopped and shopped till we dropped!

Sunday - Pavillion
Monday - One Utama
Tuesday & Wednesday - Penang trip
Thursday - Mid Valley Megamall
Friday - The Curve
Saturday - Sunway Pyramid

See, we went to all the shopping centers in town EVERYDAY, from day to night. At the end of the day, I have zero energy to on my laptop and peek at my blog! Needless to say, there was no time for me to blog, to visit your blog, to drop EC cards, to read my emails in a very hectic week. I do apologize for not updating or replying your comments. Oh, thanks for dropping by my blog, too especially Mariuca who dropped by every single day!

Well, my mom has gone back to Sabah happily yesterday afternoon with lots of branded shoes and handbags.

Mom watched Mamma Mia at GSC Signature - Gold Class, where the tickets cost RM60 each. "Good enough to snooze in!"

Till then, I will post more soon!


Anonymous said... @ 3/11/08 5:49 PM

Oh wow, shopping mayhem! Did you win that 20 million lottery last week by any chance? :-P

foongpc said... @ 3/11/08 10:49 PM

Wow! Shop everyday? That's like a shopping marathon! I don't mind to shop everyday for one week if I'm given the money, that is. Haha! How often your mom drop by? It's no wonder she shop and shop cos you can't find so many mega shopping complexes and brand names in Sabah as compared to KL and PJ : )

foongpc said... @ 3/11/08 10:50 PM

Sorry can't drop EC. Don't know what's wrong with the EC website. Can't even log in!

Yankeenaijababe said... @ 3/11/08 11:17 PM

There is nothing like spending time with mum. We truly understand. I am glad you are having fun,must be too exhausted to blog. Take care and have a great week.

Lee said... @ 4/11/08 2:31 AM

Hi Monica, when the going gets tough, the tough goes more shopping....stores just love people like you guys, ha ha...
Have fun....your mom sure looks contented with all that shopping, ha ha. Lee.

Anonymous said... @ 4/11/08 5:54 AM

Well Monica, if this post was dated on November 4th, you should have been busy with the elections but thank God it's dated on the 3rd :S

bluecrystaldude said... @ 4/11/08 8:42 AM

Hi Monica!

I am sorry for not being able to drop here often enough. I quite busy with my study right now :) I hope you are fine :D

Have a nice week!


Anonymous said... @ 4/11/08 9:56 AM

wahh....terror-nye! visited all the malls in few days time. i have never been to the any gold class before. rm60 is just O_O

Pete said... @ 4/11/08 10:26 AM

Ha Ha, looks like you had a good time shooping with your mom. Cheers!

LifeRamblings said... @ 4/11/08 11:38 AM

wowwww, so loaded-nye! shopping from 1 place to another.

Unknown said... @ 4/11/08 12:22 PM

wah... must be spending a lot of $$$.:) I would not have energy to shop everyday til a week.

Monica said... @ 4/11/08 5:07 PM

hahaha...yeah, I wish! :-D

yes, they don't have big shopping malls in Tawau. so she will come here for shopping, once a year. ;-)

but I can log in to EC website..

hey! thanks for dropping by...I hope you have a great week too!

LOL! yeah, I could see a contented expression on her face...:-D

hehe...thank God, huh?!

Monica said... @ 4/11/08 5:07 PM

It's alright Haaziq! Good luck on your exam. I'm sure you'll do great..

RM60 is just not worth it, right?! LOL!

yeah I had a good time but super tired..:-D

Life Ramblings,
Not so loaded-lah...LOL!!

When are you coming again?

Jackie said... @ 4/11/08 9:10 PM

Oh I'm so glad you had a visit with m. and it sounds like you two had a blast.

As for me my real life has been crazy lately too.

I will be away for most of today. But, after today my schedule too should slow down!!:-)))

Mariuca said... @ 4/11/08 9:58 PM

Yahoo!!! I dropped by every single day YAY!! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 4/11/08 9:59 PM

But still not on ur TD list yet LOL!! :)

Mariuca said... @ 4/11/08 9:59 PM

Monica, what an awesome week of shopping woman!! How much did u and ur mom spend la? Ha ha!! :)

Mariuca said... @ 4/11/08 10:00 PM

Ohhhh Gold class is RM60 eh?? Thanks, I've always wanted to know. :)

Monica said... @ 5/11/08 8:08 AM

I hope everything is fine at your end! ;-)

ya lah, how come you're not on my TD list yet, huh? so strange la...:-D
I don't know how much she spent in total but me, not much la..hahaha..
yup, Gold class is RM60! not worth it, eh?

Nightwing said... @ 6/11/08 7:34 AM

Hehe....i knew you and your mom will shop till you drop...:)

Ya..that should be the way..after on the way from Sabah...must go for it.

Glad u and your mom had fun.

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