Monday, November 10, 2008

Never ruin an apology with an excuse. ~Kimberly Johnson

People tell lies when they're afraid... afraid of what they don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about them. But every time they tell a lie, the thing that they fear grows stronger.

Thoughts can be like whirlwinds racing around. How do I stop thinking about God-knows-what?

Get mad, then get over it. ~Colin Powell

I wish I could just turn off my brain and accept happily every minute of every day!


khengsiong said... @ 11/11/08 8:32 AM

"I wish I could just turn off my brain and accept happily every minute of every day!"

Go meditate!

molly said... @ 11/11/08 10:47 AM

I wish I could turn off my brain also, but if I dont know the way back, HOW?

LifeRamblings said... @ 11/11/08 5:13 PM

the power is in your hands. :)

Nick Phillips said... @ 11/11/08 5:38 PM

I wish I had a brain to turn off ... LOL!

Pete said... @ 11/11/08 11:51 PM

Try Yoga or Chi Kung, very good exercise lorrr. LOL

Monica said... @ 12/11/08 5:01 AM

I thought that's just for men with white beards? :-D

hahahhaha...just go into thoughtless then!

Life Ramblings,
True! True! ;-)

Yeah, tell me abt it...LOL!!

oh dear; I feel too lazy to put any effort into exercise :-D

Unknown said... @ 12/11/08 12:14 PM

The choice is in your hands - to be happy or to be miserable.. - :)

ehh kena ke komen ni? happy wednesday :)

Monica said... @ 12/11/08 8:45 PM

Well, we can't be happy ALL THE TIME, right? ;-)

Happy Wednesday!

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