Monday, November 17, 2008

You have seen Pulau Dayang Bunting (The Island of the Pregnant Maiden). So let's hop to Pulau Singa Besar (Island of the Big Lion) and Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island)!

Second destination - Pulau Singa Besar (Island of the Big Lion)

Why is it called "Island of the Big Lion"? No one knows. No, the island does not has any physical resemblance of a lion at all. Well, there isn't much to do here other than to observe nature and it is a designated stop for the island-hopping boat for eagle feeding.

#1 This island has been converted into a wildlife sanctuary for many creatures. You may get a chance to see some of the local wildlife such as monitor lizards, macaques, deer, the timid mouse deer and birds roam freely.

#2 I saw a lots of eagles!

#3 Here, the boatman threw the chicken skin and entrails into the water. We held our breath and watched the hunger eagles gracefully swooped down across the water for their meals!


#5 Legend has it that Langkawi's name is made up of the eagle or helang as known in the Malay Language. Lang for short and in old Malay, kawi means reddish brown; thus Langkawi simply means reddish brown eagle.

#6 They soared gracefully on their angular wings.


After eagle feeding, we went on to the next island, last destination.





#12 You can hire a yacht, for a discovery or sunset tour of the beautiful islands.


The boat docked at Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island) to give us a chance of private swimming.




#17 A small stand selling soft drinks and snacks.


#19 My ladybirds on a powdery white sandy beach.





#24 Vivi and Abdullah.

#25 Farzam and Ralph were building a sandcastle like a pro.

#26 "eh, what is this man?!"

#27 Behzat said there are no adequate toilet facilities here.

#28 "There you go!"

#29 Vivi asked Senjab to do some posing for her.

#30 Ralph and I.


#32 Senjab was having a blast with his new baby, Nikon D90.

#33 having ourselves soaked in crystal clear water.

However, a brief stint on the powdery white beach will not do justice enough.

#34 "Could we come again, please?"

Perhaps, we should arrange for a day's drop-off with our boatman and indulge in the exquisite natural ambiance of the place.

On the way back to Pantai Tengah (Tengah Beach)...



#37 Awana Porto Malai Resort.






Okay, that's the end of our island hopping tour in Langkawi!

By the way, did you know that there are 104 islands in Langkawi and only 99 can be seen during high tide?


Anonymous said... @ 17/11/08 3:45 PM

wah i didnt know can also go island hopping in langkawi. i missed out all the fun last time!

Anonymous said... @ 17/11/08 3:54 PM

I must visit Langkawi sometime soon...:) Thanks for sharing and I like the sand toilet ;)

bonoriau said... @ 17/11/08 4:36 PM

Wooow really beautiful island..really wish I can come down to Langkawi.

Anonymous said... @ 17/11/08 4:41 PM

Man I miss Langkawi!

Jackie said... @ 17/11/08 9:41 PM

Wow Monica what a great place!! Thanks too for adding me.

Happy day:-)))

foongpc said... @ 17/11/08 10:50 PM

Really nice beach and I like to watch those eagles swoop down for their food! Must make plans to go Langkawi and go island hopping! : )

Mariuca said... @ 17/11/08 11:39 PM

Wah so many nice pictures here Monica! And u did a great job with the story too, so many new facts I did not know abt Langkawi, thanks sweetie. :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 17/11/08 11:40 PM

Dropping off MPG for the day, have a good one! :)

Anonymous said... @ 18/11/08 3:27 AM

I love going to the beach and nature trekking too. wow. these are pretty eagles. I haven't seen one in person. I would like to visit Langkawi in the future too.

LifeRamblings said... @ 18/11/08 7:53 AM

the last time i went to langkawi was more than a decade ago. nice pictures and you look hot, babe!

Pete said... @ 18/11/08 9:15 AM

Like the pictures of the eagles, nice shot. Any kucing besar pictures? Ha Ha!

Lee said... @ 18/11/08 11:33 AM

Hi Monica, wow! That was a facinating tour. Last I was there in the 60's for deep sea fishing.
Love your pictures, well taken.
And who is that gorgeous beauty in bikini? *Wink*.
You look real good there Monica.

I have always loved Islands, more the sea as love fishing always.

Gosh, to see all that green, and here its now -7'c! We're expecting snow anytime too.
You have fun, best regards, Lee.

Monica said... @ 18/11/08 2:27 PM

There's always next time ;-)

My Bug Life,
Include Langkawi in your next vacation plans! :-)

when are you going to visit M'sia? ;-)

yeah, me too! :-D

Monica said... @ 18/11/08 2:27 PM

It's my pleasure...

hehe! some of them tried to outwit each other in the competition for the chicken snacks! :-D

Thanks hun! in fact, the boatman told us many stories abt Langkawi ;-)

It was also the first time I've seen eagles in person :-D

Monica said... @ 18/11/08 2:28 PM

Life Ramblings,
Thanks dear! ;-)

LOL! then you've to go to Sarawak! :-D

U.Lee, has change a lot since the last time you were there..
Thanks for your compliment U.Lee ;-)

WOW! -7'c! I hope you're at all ready for it! Here, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....LOL!

Nightwing said... @ 18/11/08 9:26 PM

Thanks for sharing those pictures.

Love the ones with the eagles.

Mariuca said... @ 18/11/08 11:08 PM

Hi Mon! Here with MPG now! :)

Mariuca said... @ 18/11/08 11:08 PM

How come u can't see my EC eh? I think EC is down today, some blogs oso not showing their EC, but I can see mine fine. Come back later he he! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 18/11/08 11:09 PM

And I see Mariuca is here at ur EC today! Gimme some good clicks yay! :)

Metz said... @ 18/11/08 11:30 PM

I've been waiting for this and all i can say is woooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww :) i love that eagle shot, that must have been so exhilirating and the fun on the sand wahhhh now I really want to go to the beach :) come over sometime and take a trip to Boracay here in the Philippines :)

Jackie said... @ 19/11/08 2:08 AM

Hi Monica,
Just dropping in to say hello!!:-))

bluecrystaldude said... @ 19/11/08 3:53 AM

I already made my mind that I will come here again.. Awesome right? Anyway, love how creative your friends' sandcastle. A toilet? That's something. LOL :D

I am back~ Yehaa~ :)

Monica said... @ 19/11/08 4:40 AM

You're welcome! I'm glad you love it ;-)

ok, I'll be there after this hun!
Yay!! WOAFS's here at my EC today.. ;-) people, CLICK WOAFS!

Empty Streets,
sorry to keep you waiting for this post Metz! oh yes, I hope I'll get to visit Boracay one day..;-)

Hello!!! thanks for dropping by :-)

Yay! Haaziq is back :-D you like the toilet? hehe!

khengsiong said... @ 19/11/08 8:39 PM

So many pictures. Can't digest... you should break it into 2 or 3 parts...

Anyway, thanks for sharing :-)

Ori said... @ 19/11/08 10:53 PM

Beras basah Island, that's a funny name :))why is it named that way?

Monica said... @ 20/11/08 4:51 AM

hahahaha...digest slowly la :-D

Legend has it that the name is made up when a boat carrying rice capsized on its shore in a terrible tropical storm. ;-)

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