Saturday, November 15, 2008

I feel honored to receive this award because it comes from The Matthias Chronicles. Thank you so much Matthias!

The rules of this award:

* Put the logo on your blog or post.
* Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
* Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
* Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Alright, I'd like to pass this Lemonade Award on to my TOP Commenters :-


Life Ramblings









Now I'm thirsty for a glass of lemonade! Hey, let's go!


Mariuca said... @ 15/11/08 3:12 PM

YAY! First!!

Mariuca said... @ 15/11/08 3:13 PM

Wah such a cute award, so thirsty la now he he! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 15/11/08 3:13 PM

Thanks so much for the lovely award Monica, it's nice to be ur TC here YAY! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 15/11/08 3:14 PM

Ok dropped EC oredi, not sure which one though he he! ;)

Nick Phillips said... @ 15/11/08 3:35 PM

Lemonade? Cool, I love lemonade :D Thanks for the award ...

LifeRamblings said... @ 15/11/08 3:52 PM

thanks for the award, much appreciated. woohoo...i have lemonade to quench my thirst.

bonoriau said... @ 15/11/08 5:06 PM

Thank you...thank almost become my 1st commenter...try again..tomorrow nite confirm ada new posting deh!!!MM.

bonoriau said... @ 15/11/08 5:07 PM

thank you for the GREAT award...thank you

molly said... @ 15/11/08 5:26 PM

Thank you for your invitation. I love lemonade.

Pete said... @ 15/11/08 7:39 PM

Thks for the award. The lemonade is very sweet lorrr!

foongpc said... @ 15/11/08 10:11 PM

Thank you for this award! Ooh, the lemonade tastes great! : )

MisterZyl said... @ 16/11/08 2:53 PM

congrats for the award

MisterZyl said... @ 16/11/08 3:26 PM

hey Monica.. this is a tag for ya

Monica said... @ 17/11/08 12:45 AM

Thanks for being the top commentator here too hun! ;-)

glad you like it..

Life Ramblings,
you're welcome!

oh no! I guess I must have missed it again eh? :-D

Monica said... @ 17/11/08 12:45 AM

you're welcome!

sweet & sour...LOL!

glad you like it..hehe!

Thanks for tagging me! I'll check it out...;-)

Jackie said... @ 17/11/08 1:20 AM

Yay for you now you will never be thirsty again!!

Jackie said... @ 17/11/08 1:21 AM

Congratulations too!!:-)))

Jackie said... @ 17/11/08 1:21 AM

And you passed it along to some great people!!

Mariuca said... @ 17/11/08 5:27 AM

Hi Monica, it's oredi Monday! Have a great start to ur week! :):):)

Rozella said... @ 17/11/08 10:28 AM

Thanks dearie! I've got an award waiting for you too. :) Come by and get it!

Monica said... @ 17/11/08 3:23 PM

Thanks! ;-)

so fast, huh? hmmmm...

Yay! I'm coming :-D

Jackie said... @ 20/11/08 12:06 PM

Hey there Monica!! I am glad you have some nice lemonade to drink.

Because tag you're it!!


It's all Marzie's fault!!LOL:-))

Monica said... @ 20/11/08 2:30 PM

Thanks for tagging me! LOL!! It's all Marzie's fault, huh? :-D

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