Friday, November 28, 2008

When the queen was here during her holiday, we decided to drive to 'The Pearl of the Orient'. This time round, we wanted to spend one night in Penang's most happening social area, Gurney Drive. However, we didn't book any hotel earlier, so we just walked-in to The Gurney Resort Hotel & Residences which is located along the renowned tourist belt of Gurney Drive.




#4 We had a 2 Bedroom Suite not knowing what to expect.

*jeng* *jeng* *jeng*

#5 Living room with dining area.

#6 The pantry is equipped with a fridge and other necessary amenities.

#7 The master bedroom has a full king-sized bed, full sized writing desk and a TV.

#8 A more spaciously laid out master bathroom, equipped with exceptional amenities.

#9 The bathroom comes with a Jacuzzi bathtub and separate shower stall.

#10 The second bedroom.

#11 Another bathroom.

Within several minutes' drive from the hotel, there are dozens of hawker stalls offering all types of cuisine that line the inner side of the esplanade.

#12 Hawker food stalls.



We had Char Kway Teow, Asam Laksa,

#15 Hokkien Prawn Mee,

#16 Oyster omelette,

#17 Ais kacang (ABC).

The next day, I wanted to go for an early morning jog take a stroll along the coast and enjoy the sea breeze. But, that night I slept very well. In fact, too well and I woke up at one-hour-before-check-out-time!!!

#18 So I got into the Jacuzzi again. While I was enjoying water massage, I opened the curtain and looked out of the window.... gosh! It has a breathtaking view of the sea and sky!

The views from every corner of the suite are fantastic!



#21 A picturesque view of the ocean.

#22 Upmarket residential zone.

#23 A new modern luxury condominium situated next to The Gurney Resort.

The suite certainly lived up to our expectations; well prepared, extremely well equipped and comfortable.


#25 Swimming pool.

#26 It has 259 Suite Rooms in the 36-storey high building.



#29 Children wave pool, water slides, lazy river ride and lots of waterfalls.

Well, we enjoyed our stay at this hotel very much and the queen said she'll definitely come back!

#30 Oh well... I wish I had more time and money to spend like this dude.


bluecrystaldude said... @ 29/11/08 2:48 AM

Is it a new hotel? Haha.. I don't notice it. Too many high rise condos there :)

Anyway, the hotel looks great! Seriously :D

Sorin said... @ 29/11/08 4:09 AM

Hi I am new to your blog and I just wanted to say how much I’m loving it

Anonymous said... @ 29/11/08 12:01 PM

Nice hotel indeed... and the food in Penang is just marvelous. Haven't been to Penang for a long time though. :)

Rozella said... @ 29/11/08 12:32 PM

Wah so nice lah the hotel!!! I can't wait to go to Penang. Am planning to make a trip soon as soon as my girlfriend arrives back from UK. Hehehehe

LifeRamblings said... @ 29/11/08 2:35 PM

welcome to penang. it's my hometown, sweetie. glad you enjoyed your holidays and the food.

Anonymous said... @ 29/11/08 7:52 PM

wah jeles! i miss penang so much!! esp the food in gurney drive..ahhh

molly said... @ 29/11/08 10:42 PM

My son was just suggesting we go Penang last week. Mmmm... you make me feel like going now!!

Monica said... @ 30/11/08 1:08 AM

I'm not sure whether it's a new hotel or not :-D but yeah, I'd definitely recommend it for place to stay.

Welcome to my blog! I'm glad you love it ;-) Thanks~

yes, the food was great with lots of exquisite choices.

Monica said... @ 30/11/08 1:08 AM

I just read your site abt the Penang part..LOL! oh dear, it's so funny!!

Life Ramblings,
oh you're a Penangite! it's such a beautiful place..and the food, hmm YUM! YUM!

I'm sure you know where to get delicious Penang food :-D

LOL! probably next weekend? ;-)

Ori said... @ 30/11/08 8:50 AM

Very nice hotel!! I stayed at a lousy hotel while in Penang just because it's very near the hospital.
Did you know many Indonesians (especially those from Sumatera Island) go to hospitals in Penang for medical checkups/things? ;)
I must say the hospitals care/ service in Penang are great.
I always enjoyed my visits in Penang Island (never been to Penang mainland though).

Kok said... @ 30/11/08 10:37 PM

Lovely hotel you show here.:)

Happy weekdays ahead!

Monica said... @ 1/12/08 2:09 AM

oh dear! You ended up in a lousy hotel?! I didn't know that many Indonesians go to Penang for medical checkups.. ;-) anyway, I hope your mom is getting better!

Hi! Thanks ;-)
Same to you too...!

Mariuca said... @ 1/12/08 3:04 AM

Eh how come I missed this post???

Mariuca said... @ 1/12/08 3:04 AM

WOWIE!!! I oso wan to stay here la if ever I visit Penang, superb hotel!!! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 1/12/08 3:06 AM

Thank you for the pictures sweetie, love them all! :)

Anonymous said... @ 3/12/08 4:37 AM

This is lovely. I like staying in luxurious hotel like this. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said... @ 3/12/08 9:47 PM

Thanks for sharing it...who knows maybe one day i visit it with my other half..:)


foongpc said... @ 4/12/08 1:31 AM

I love Penang, and Gurney Drive is a must visit! I think I will try this hotel next time - looks really good! : )

Monica said... @ 4/12/08 2:04 AM

hehe! I know you'll love it coz they've a big a Jacuzzi bathtub! ;-)

yeah, it's so nice to stay in a luxurious hotel once in a while :-)

eh, why Anonymous?

you can stay with a group of friends and have party! :-D

J@n!ce said... @ 5/12/08 9:39 AM

Such a cool hotel. I'm so missing my vacation looking at the pics. The pool is awesome too :):)

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