Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm one of Mariuca's victims to list 4 unspectacular quirks of mine. Thanks for tagging me by the way!

Here goes!

1. I'm obsessive with throwing things away. Having less stuff means having less stress, for me!

2. I have to check my locked room door A FEW TIMES to make sure it is locked before I go to bed.

3. I always put on my left shoe first and I have no idea why.

4. Sometimes I just bombard people with questions and they don't even get a chance to answer my bombardment of questions.

Life Ramblings, Pete, Khengsiong, Ori, tell me/us about 4 unspectacular quirks of yours!


foongpc said... @ 12/11/08 11:10 AM

You like to throw things away? I think I'm the exact opposite! Everytime I want to throw away something, I have to think hard and long whether I should! No wonder things are piling up in my house!!
: )

Check your door a few times to make sure it's locked? You suffering from OCD, is it? LOL

Unknown said... @ 12/11/08 12:15 PM

I still need to unclutter my rooms - trying to have that "Less is More" feel in my room. I guess i need one whole day to do that. ahak ahak..

LifeRamblings said... @ 12/11/08 5:41 PM

yikes! looks like i'm one of your quirky victims. oklah, since you tagged me, i'll try to do it asap.

Monica said... @ 12/11/08 8:41 PM

you're exactly like mybf! but, I always throw his things away..LOL!

hahahha..of course not; only famous people are suffering from OCD!

get it done quick..or else you'll need 1 whole month...:-D

Life Ramblings,
hahhahah...take your time dear! ;-)

Mariuca said... @ 12/11/08 8:52 PM

Hi sweetie, thanks so much for all ur comment love for me during my MIA! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 12/11/08 8:52 PM

And thanks for doing the tag too! :)

Very interesting facts Mon, but me too like Foong la, sayang wan to throw out stuff he he! ;)

Monica said... @ 12/11/08 9:37 PM

Yay! you're back! :-D

hehe..I used to keep a lot of things I didn't need. This, of course makes the clutter problem worse. sometimes junk really is junk. ;-)

Pete said... @ 12/11/08 11:03 PM

Ha Ha, I got tagged. Mmmm, let me think what are the quirky things I do.......post it later.....LOL

Ori said... @ 12/11/08 11:08 PM

#3 what I think is quirky eheheh...
really? you pay attention of which foot you put into shoe first?

Oh, and I will do my tag 'homework' soon ok. Thanks Monica! :-D

Pete said... @ 12/11/08 11:34 PM

I already posted my quirky tag. Check it out! Thks for tagging me.

Monica said... @ 13/11/08 2:02 PM

wow! you're fast! :-D alright, I'm coming!..

Ah, yes. weird, huh? :-D
take your time to do your 'homework' sweetie...

Pete said... @ 13/11/08 5:51 PM

Thousand apology. Already corrected the link to your blog. Cheers

Monica said... @ 13/11/08 6:11 PM

LOL!!! no problem..
Anyway, thanks!! :-D

Jackie said... @ 17/11/08 1:26 AM

Oh my I need to clean my house and throw a ton of stuff out.

I have stuff stuck every where. Oh dear now I am also wondering if I was supposed to do this one for Marzie.

Sheeshhh..I am so far behind on everything!!


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