Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't get stung!


tahtimbo said... @ 19/11/08 11:37 AM

Is this a jellyfish?

Pete said... @ 19/11/08 1:38 PM

Yummy, jelly fish, cleaned and dried make very good cold dish lorrr! But stings can be very painful. Can use cooking vinegar to neutralise the toksin.

Corey~living and loving said... @ 19/11/08 2:22 PM

interesting. I have never seen a jelly fish like that. thanks for sharing.
Happy WW!

Rookie SAHM said... @ 19/11/08 2:27 PM

Wooww! where or how did you get this? Thanks for sharing.

catsynth said... @ 19/11/08 2:30 PM

I've seen quite a few jellyfish washed up on some beaches. They do have an interesting appearance, especially when swimming. Very modern and simple.

Anonymous said... @ 19/11/08 3:10 PM

jellyfish! me likes to see it in underwater world!

Red Lotus Mama said... @ 19/11/08 3:10 PM

They are so beautiful in the water, but not so beautiful on the sand and I can't imagine the pain they inflict! Nice capture. Happy WW:

Anonymous said... @ 19/11/08 4:39 PM

what is that? a jellyfish? looks creepy! thanks for sharing .

Anonymous said... @ 19/11/08 8:30 PM

Yikes..that's one eeky jellyfish!These creatures sting big time.

LifeRamblings said... @ 19/11/08 10:11 PM

interesting picture. happy ww!

Ori said... @ 19/11/08 10:45 PM

ooh...I thought of something different :D lol

Mariuca said... @ 19/11/08 11:05 PM

Aiyo jellyfish eh? B is fascinated la by all these creatures, like the big octopus etc he he! :)

Mariuca said... @ 19/11/08 11:06 PM

I hope u're enjoying a nice Thursday at home or out with ur bf he he! ;)

Anonymous said... @ 20/11/08 3:29 AM

Oooooo, yuck! Those wash up on the beach here sometimes, but they don't look like that!

foongpc said... @ 20/11/08 4:12 AM

Nice Jellyfish! Did you shoot this in Langkawi? I don't ever want to be stung by jellyfish!
Btw, a prize awaits the person who guessed correctly on my blog. Read latest updates : )

Monica said... @ 20/11/08 4:29 AM

Yes, it's a jellyfish. :-D

Yummy?!! it looks scary to me than yummy! LOL.

Corey~living and loving,
you're welcome ;-)

Rookie SAHM,
we discovered it at the beach in Langkawi! :-)

Monica said... @ 20/11/08 4:30 AM

I find them interesting coz they have no head, no brain, and no backbone :-D

yup..behind glass, it's nice to see them coz they glow in the dark, and have intestine in the shape of flower..

Red Lotus Mama,
and also, jellyfish stings can really ruin the best beach excursion ;-)

Yes, it's a jellyfish. It looks creepy to me too! :-D

Monica said... @ 20/11/08 4:30 AM

My Bug Life,
Yes!!! Yikes is the best word to describe this jellyfish. LOL!

Life Ramblings,
Happy WW! ;-)

what did you think? :-D

aha B likes it, huh..;-) but, I'm not fascinated by jellyfish la..they freak me out! hahaha..
I just came home dear; what a tired day!

Monica said... @ 20/11/08 4:34 AM

oh yes, Yikes is the best word to describe this jellyfish. LOL!

Foong, Langkawi.
alright, I'm coming to see what's the prize :-D

Calvin Soo KJ said... @ 20/11/08 1:34 PM

the fellyfish looked like scrambled eggs to me...hehehe. dont play2 with jellyfish. i got stung before on my butt cheeks. swollen for the whole week. cant even poop :P oops, btw. 1st time here. got it from pete's.

Monica said... @ 20/11/08 2:28 PM

Hello, and welcome to my blog! ;-)
LOL! ya, it looks a bit like a scrambled egg, huh!
oh got stung by a jellyfish
before? I hope it won't happen to you again :-D

Anonymous said... @ 20/11/08 7:39 PM

what is that?

Anonymous said... @ 20/11/08 7:39 PM

hi its my first time here :)

Monica said... @ 20/11/08 7:56 PM

Hi! welcome to my blog! ;-)
That's a jellyfish.

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