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Jackie said... @ 6/11/08 12:25 AM

Oh my these are fabulous Monica!! What great shots you captured!!

Thanks for stopping by to see mine too!!

Happy WW:-)))

Anonymous said... @ 6/11/08 1:06 AM

Lovely pic Monica!
How did you make the 2nd from below? is it also a montage?

Signs of Life said... @ 6/11/08 6:10 AM

Hi Monica ~

My name is Monica too :) Your pictures are wonderful!! How did you do that? Get them on the billboards etc.?


MisterZyl said... @ 6/11/08 6:53 AM

alright.. did those pictures mean something? or just pictures?

Monica, can you tell where the idea of wordless wednesday came from? n what wednesday? why not to call it wordless sunday? :) or wordless monday? coz monday alway a moan day.

Nightwing said... @ 6/11/08 7:32 AM

Great pictures. did you do it..?..:)

LifeRamblings said... @ 6/11/08 8:35 AM

awesome pictures for wordless wednesday. i think i should participate in ww too.

Anonymous said... @ 6/11/08 8:59 AM

Could I have your autograph? :-P

Anonymous said... @ 6/11/08 10:32 AM

nice pics Monica!!

how did you do it?

where can I find that thing you used in making that?


molly said... @ 6/11/08 10:56 AM

Monica, lovely pictures, so beautiful. I thought that was one famous Korean movie star up there. How did you do that??

Mariuca said... @ 6/11/08 3:32 PM

Is that you on the billboard Monica? :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 6/11/08 3:41 PM

ha ha I came back as soon as I got ur confirmation msg! ;)

Mariuca said... @ 6/11/08 3:43 PM

WAH WAH WAH SO PRETTY la all ur pics!!!!! Such lovely skin! I love all the diff backgrounds, great WW post! :):):)

Nick Phillips said... @ 6/11/08 5:26 PM

The pictures are pretty cool. Nice done :D

Anonymous said... @ 6/11/08 5:45 PM

hi..i've been seeing photos like yours..and i dont know where to find it. Can you help me pls because i want to surprise my girlfriend for something..pls pls..

Anonymous said... @ 6/11/08 9:16 PM

PhotoFunia is great fun eh??? You guys can always check on websites for 'online picture editing'. There're lots of softwares that come with this kind of editting features. Picnik is one good website as well.

BTW, Monica honey, I LOOOOVE the bikini. :-)

Anonymous said... @ 6/11/08 11:44 PM

Very nice, Monica. I've never heard of Funia, I will have to look into it.

Pete said... @ 6/11/08 11:52 PM

Wah, beautiful pics, Monica!

Metz said... @ 7/11/08 12:13 AM

wohoo heheh :) so your up in billboards now too :) hehehe now I want one too hahah.

Monica said... @ 7/11/08 3:48 PM

Thanks! ;-) Happy Friday Shinade! will drop by your site soon...

just upload your pictures at :-D

Signs of Life,
Hello Monica!! :-) You can upload your pictures at
Have fun!

hmmm..just meant to be fun! LOL!
You can participate WW @
They're wordless 24×7, so stop by whenever you like..hehe!

Monica said... @ 7/11/08 3:50 PM

Go to and do it! :-D

Life Ramblings,
yeah, check out WW and let's get wordless babe! ;-)


Just upload your pictures @
Have fun ~

Monica said... @ 7/11/08 3:50 PM

LOL! Go to and give it a try.

Thanks hun! *muah* ;-)

TQ!!! :-D

You can upload her pictures @
Go and surprise her! I hope she'll like it ;-)

Monica said... @ 7/11/08 3:51 PM

Thanks for sharing dear..!
oh I bought the bikini from The Curve..hehe!

Thanks! Go and check it out..I hope you'll like it! ;-)

Thank you! :-D

Empty Streets,
Show me yours Metz! ;-)

Metz said... @ 7/11/08 4:07 PM

whahahaha :) I will definitely just for yah ;) hehehe

Monica said... @ 7/11/08 4:17 PM

Empty Streets,
you sure? Okay, I'll wait! LOL!

Mariuca said... @ 7/11/08 6:48 PM

Hey Mon! TGIF!!

Mariuca said... @ 7/11/08 6:49 PM

You are back on my TC list sweetie, YAY! Thanks for all ur comment love at my blogs, love ya! :):):)

foongpc said... @ 8/11/08 2:00 AM

nice photos, monica! For a while, I thought you became a model for some advertisement or something! LOL

Mariuca said... @ 8/11/08 2:03 AM

OMG! Finally WOAFS is on ur TD list Monica! YAY!! Hugs for u and me he he! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 8/11/08 2:04 AM

Ha ha ha! Can u see me there? Yeeha! What a great way to start the weekend! :)

Monica said... @ 8/11/08 7:23 AM

Where la my dear? I couldn't see WOAFS on my TD list! :-D

LOL!!! That's impossible! ;-)

Rozella said... @ 8/11/08 11:11 AM

Wow, wow, wow! Sexy laydee!!! Hehehe

Anonymous said... @ 8/11/08 1:02 PM

thank you monica for the info..and thanks also for that sweet comment..God bless

Monica said... @ 9/11/08 3:46 PM


You're welcome! ;-)

khengsiong said... @ 10/11/08 3:32 PM


Monica said... @ 10/11/08 5:36 PM

Thank you so much! ;-)

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