Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Anonymous said... @ 26/11/08 9:30 AM

Kantoi! :-P

Anonymous said... @ 26/11/08 9:42 AM

lol.kantoi really

Pete said... @ 26/11/08 9:56 AM

Ha ha, never mind, try tying your hair into braids, maybe they will not notice. LOL

molly said... @ 26/11/08 10:38 AM

Hahahaha overgrown baby in the pool!

khengsiong said... @ 26/11/08 11:30 AM

Is this a fish farm?

Anonymous said... @ 26/11/08 12:14 PM

Hahha..apt illustration! What are you doing in a kiddie pool? :)

Pete said... @ 26/11/08 12:33 PM

Already posted your tag. Check it out! Thks

foongpc said... @ 26/11/08 1:12 PM

What the heck were you doing in the kiddie pool? : )

sweetytots said... @ 26/11/08 3:18 PM

haha.. your feeling like a kid ha!my entries are about giveaways. I am launching another giveaway here in sweet..pretty..naughty and I am giving away a Magnetic Dress Up Bear. Go here to join the giveaway!

JO said... @ 26/11/08 3:26 PM

as long as you enjoyed your dip, its ok.

Here's my WW. Thanks!

Unknown said... @ 26/11/08 5:09 PM

hahaha..kantoi laaa

Mariuca said... @ 26/11/08 8:15 PM

Uwah! Happy swimming Monica! :)

Mariuca said... @ 26/11/08 8:16 PM

Here I am cooking away over the hot stove huhuhu! ;)

Mariuca said... @ 26/11/08 8:17 PM

While dropping EC... so will be back later with MPG, have a good swim sweetie! :):):)

LifeRamblings said... @ 26/11/08 11:10 PM

happy ww!

gLoR!e said... @ 27/11/08 4:15 AM

oh well, you still look like 12 yr you are in to this pool!:)

Monica said... @ 27/11/08 9:11 AM


Opps! :-D

I'll try! LOL!
and I'll check out the tag later ;-)

It was so embarrassing! :-D

No, it's a lake ;-)

Monica said... @ 27/11/08 9:11 AM

My Bug Life,
I was trying to cool down my body temperature :-D

I can't swim and the lake is incredibly deep! so I went to the kiddie side...LOL!

That's such a sweet Magnetic Dress Up Bear ;-) Thanks!

I love your fall shots!

Monica said... @ 27/11/08 9:11 AM


wow you were cooking and dropping EC at the same time? so hebat la you honey ;-)

Life Ramblings,
Happy Thursday :-D

LOL! you're so sweet ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 27/11/08 6:03 PM

Must be fun swimming and "diving" there...

Monica said... @ 27/11/08 9:25 PM

hahahha...but, I can't swim!

bluecrystaldude said... @ 27/11/08 11:47 PM

Hahahahah! OMG! This is the funny WW ever! :D

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