Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Karen Harrington said... @ 12/11/08 10:45 PM

Very nice!

Anonymous said... @ 12/11/08 10:56 PM

Thanks for the drop...I really like the 2nd photo...:)

Ori said... @ 12/11/08 11:18 PM

the first one is a phenomenal!!! one full and one half moons?? :-D :-D

Anonymous said... @ 12/11/08 11:23 PM

Okay, I need to go e...

foongpc said... @ 12/11/08 11:33 PM

Wow! So blue - my favourite colour! : )

Anonymous said... @ 13/11/08 5:21 AM

Very pretty, Monica! I love the beach scene!

Jackie said... @ 13/11/08 6:32 AM

Oh Monica,
These are really very very pretty!! I love all of them. The shy is so clear. but, the angle at which you took the shot on the beach really makes it stand out!!

Thanks for dropping by to see mine. I just now got back from town and I am tying to visit everyone now!!

Happy WW:-)

Anonymous said... @ 13/11/08 9:19 AM

Great stuff! Anything on into the red? :-P

Monica said... @ 13/11/08 1:47 PM

Thanks! ;-)

My Bug Life,
Same here :-) Thanks for dropping by too...

That's not a full moon. pic was captured early in the evening. It's a sun and a crescent moon..:-D


Monica said... @ 13/11/08 1:47 PM

yeah, it's a calm and peaceful colour! ;-)

I love your pic too - windy day at the beach! :-)

I'm glad you love it!
Have a nice day! ;-)

into the red? okay, I'll try! :-D

Anonymous said... @ 13/11/08 3:55 PM

nice picture. and i think i need a holiday!

Nick Phillips said... @ 13/11/08 4:54 PM

Where did you take the first picture? On an alien planet with 2 moons? LOL! Great pic.

Monica said... @ 13/11/08 6:09 PM

hehe! any planning? ;-)

Nick, Langkawi. It's a sun and a crescent moon; not 2 moons! LOL!!!

Mariuca said... @ 13/11/08 8:52 PM

Hi dear, I really like the 2nd picture. The angle is so cool, did u take it on ur recent vacation? :)

Monica said... @ 17/11/08 1:11 AM

yes dear, those photos were taken during my recent trip ;-)

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